bestofnine 2019

Lets check out our best Instagram Posts on 2019

The same procedure as every year.
Here you can see our bestofnine, the best Feetrecords footfetish Instagram pictures for 2019.


Instagram has a Footfetish

An exciting year is coming to an end.
With almost 260 pictures, we posted a new picture on Instagram almost every day.

We have almost 500 loyal followers and are certainly a little bit underrated. Instagram is keen to be as family-friendly as possible. So it is obvious that artists, photographers and models are kept artificially small by them. But we keep fighting. Our other social media accounts show that many people are very interested in footfetish. Some even claim that foot fetish has become mainstream. But we see it more as a niche in the very wide area of sexuality.

Regardless, we definitely want to thank our loyal fans. In 2020 we will continue to publish awesome pictures and videos. You can find more information about what we have planned here.

The best of Feet 2019

We love creating the bestofnine just every year. It is just an easy way to see how successfull we work and how active is our footfetish community.

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible while also selling our content. It is not always easy. A lot of content is available free of charge on the Internet and it is not particularly easy to assert oneself. Many groups and communities do not allow advertising, but would like to receive content. Of course free of charge. We give about 25% of our content as freebies to draw attention to us. This brings us a few hundred visitors to the website every day. Our task remains to turn these into customers. A project like this also needs to be funded. We would like to take this opportunity to thank again all buyers in 2019.

Our bestofnine was created by the free service on the Website


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