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Free Bonus Issue March 2020

The new Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine is now available.
News, informations and a lot of free content. So lets have a look.

Free magazine issue March 2020

As promised, we publish our Feetrecords footfetish magazine several times a year. After we release our first electronic magazine in December 2019 and were overwhelmed by the feedback, it was clear that we had to go one step further. We packed this free edition with over 22 pages of great footfetish content. We publish you lots of free footfetish pictures, but also news and stories. Headline number one is still the successful condom feet challenge. For this we have brought in a two-sided special with pictures for you. This is not only for all the rubber lovers, this on of the most popular footfetish series we create in 2019. There is also the popular $ 5 bonus code for all our readers. You can redeem it from a $ 10 purchase with us. To give you a look inside what is going on with us, we also present you the four best galleries as a preview. Of course, you can also use the bonus code for this.

The good news are always welcome

And here are the good News, the founder of the Feetfinder has given us the official release date. The Footfetish community is expecting this with great excitement. You can read the full article in our magazine.

to many to name

We really put a lot of awesome things into it. Free pictures, fullsize posters and much more. So lets have a look. The magazine is free available as download here on feetrecords.com, but you can also donate for the download. The printed version can be bought for a small fee and is available here at the Blurb BOOK STORE.

Excluisve footfetish column and pictures by footmodel BlaqCat

Interview with asian footmodel JennyFeet84 by Feetrecords

Footmodel Business Tips by Feetrecords


The Kingdom Modeling

As a special feature, our cooperation partner from the US is included in the magazine as a further bonus. Behind The Kingdom Modeling stands a footfetish photographer start up from Houston Texas. He book footmodels and take unique pictures with amateur footmodels. He add some free footfetish pictures exclusive to this magazine and tell us about his work. As I said, you can read more about that in this issue of the current magazine. You should also following The Modeling Kingdom on Twitter right here.


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Your participation is required

We plan to create this type of magazine several times a year and share it for free with you. In order to fill the e-paper with rich content, we need your support. So we call out to everyone to contact us who think that they can contribute content, articles, news and interesting things from the footfetish area. If you’re interested get in touch with us.

Last but not least

First of all we would like to say thank you to everyone who always helps us to lead this project and keep it alive. This includes a lot of people from the so-called footfetishnation. Fans who buy our content and support us financially. People who share, comment on and distribute our content on the Internet, but also all the footmodels who participate.

So a big thank you to all of you guys…