Jeans Leggings

Footmodel BlaqCat has a real spandex fetish. She loves wearing skintight pants and clothes. This footfetish picture set with the Jeans Leggings is absolutly awesome and a must have for all footlovers around the world.

Spandex Jeans Legging

We made this footfetish picture set with the jeans leggings in February. We actually bought these leggings in a set from Amazon, which includes blue jeans as well as a black one. We actually wanted to combine them in this shooting, but decided to use them in a later shoot. So we created a great series of pictures with the blue spandex pants in jeans look. Here you can find a few preview pictures. Our foot model Blaqcat makes beautiful poses and shows her feet from different perspectives. The tight jeans are really great. The pictures are varied and a pleasure for foot lovers.

Jeans, Spandex & Feet

The combination of jeans and feet are very popular among fetishists. If you like our pictures, follow us on Facebook. There are always exclusive pictures, not just about jeans, but every amount of foot fetish content. When we take pictures, we often use leggings. They are ideal to stage our foot models and to get beautiful pictures. This set contains almost eighty pictures and there is a unique promotional video about it. This is also available after the premiere here with us and on our Youtube channel.

Sneaky Preview

This jeans legging photoset includes different poses of Footmodel BlaqCat. This not just only for Spandex Lovers, this is also for real foot fetishists.

Beautifully staged. These feet are really sexy. So get the pictures for download and watch all the awesome stuff we made for you.

Jeans Leggings


79 Images

Picture Set | zip download 2 parts


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