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Bodypainted Footfetish Art

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About the Bodypainted Footfetish Art

The artfull Challenges for Bodypainting Fans

Join the Bodypainted Footfetish Art Challenges that was created by Feetrecords. Footmodels from all over the world can join by taking pictures of her bodypainted feet and share them with us on social media.

A successful social media challenge for Feetlovers

There a many fans of bodyart and bodypainting outthere. We artistically bring foot fetish and body painting art together in image and video.. In short, our Feetart will become very popular like freshly baked Sunday rolls. You can also check out our latest free footfetish bodypaint art video we’ve published on YouTube. Just follow this Link an check out Painted Soles icionic footfetish video.

Participate in the Bodypainted Footfetish Art

Well, when we created the first pictures with our Footmodel BlaqCat, we already had this challenge in mind. We wanted to encourage other foot models to also take pictures on this topic. Some of our best pics we will publish in our shop and advertised it on the official Feetrecords Facebook Page, we asked other models to do the same and joining in. Find more about these Challenges which we organize almost every year in the posts below.

Official Bodypainted Footfetish Art

Here you can see all current footfetish challenges and find out how you can participate.

Join our challenges

Are you a foot model, photographer or artist in the field of foot fetish? Then join our challenges. We are constantly creating new ideas and want to bring more variety to social media. To join the challenges, read what the respective pages are about, create your own pictures and share them on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Use the respective hashtag and tag us in your post! We will share your content in our networks and thus create a high reach. If you like to be creative and want to reach a lot of fans and footlovers around the world, this is the best way for you.


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