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How to become a Footmodel

You are a footmodel or you want to become one. You want to get started right now.
Here you can find all information about our “Featured Model Program” and learn how to become a Footmodel.

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What we offer you

  • We’ll give you a free Modelpage on Feetrecords
  • We feature you and show your pictures on this Website
  • We share your Pictures in active groups and on our social media channels include backlinks to your Pages



What you have to do

Send us your photos, text blocks or text sections that we should use. We also need all links to your social networks and websites. In addition, you can give us additional information. for example, foot size, hair color, or things you offer. be creative. You can take a look at the other Model Pages we have here.

If you need help creating your own pictures, read our Blog post about how to make money selling feet pictures.

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Be sure it fits

A few small things are to be considered.

Your text and in particular your pictures must have foot fetish reference. Also, no pornographic representations are desired. So please leave your pants on while taking pictures. Ideally, your pictures are of good quality and high resolution.

As an example, look at the website of Holly we made. Its just easy to become a Footmodel on

Notes on copyright

All pictures and contents remain
We only receive a copyright to use them. All images are branded by us with the official Feetrecords Logo to control unauthorized use.



I am new to the model business. The collaboration with Feetrecords should bring me new visitors on my social media channels. A free offer, which helped me a lot.


Featured Footmodel, independently

I already have some experience in the modeling business. For me it was important to have a partner who also supports me. Working with Feetrecords for me means that I do not have to worry about a website. So I have more time for my fans.


Exclusive Footmodel, Feetrecords


Frequently asked Questions

what does a featured model mean ?

So-called featured models are models that we like to support as a promoter. We want to fill our website with content and give models the opportunity to publish their content with us. 

How can I join as a featured model ?

It’s easy. Fill out the form below and send it to us. We will contact you afterwards with further steps.

Can I have my content removed ?

At Anytime.
Just send us a short E-mail.

What happens if I have sent you the application form ?

You are usually asked to send us pictures, text and links to your websites, social media channels, shops or other. You will receive the email address from us.

What costs to be featured model ?

Its 100% Free. We do not ask for money or other consideration.

Can I also upload my content myself ?

No. You have to send us the content via email. Our webmaster team will create your page and publish it. It ensures that only high quality content comes to this page.

What exactly happens to my content ?

We promote your site on our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, we place your pictures and links on famous link directories so that you get more visitors and customers.

Do I keep the copy rights ?

Yes, you retain 100% of all rights to your images and all other content.

Are my images marked with your logo ?

Yes, we have to do this to possibly understand where the pictures are shared on the Internet. We also protect your copyright with this measure.

HOW TO BECOME A featured


Use this free opportunity to place your Stuff on the Internet and get a chance to win new customers and visitors.
It’s very easy. Fill out the form below and we will review your request.

Needed for Copyright Agreement.
We send a Copy to this Emailadress
You have to agree. We only use images that comply with the legal regulations.
Needed if you are not the model yourself, but only the copyright holder. In this case, we require a copy of the copyright agreement prior to publication. If rightholder and model are the same real person, leave this field blank.
Needed if you are not the model yourself, but only the copyright holder. In this case, we require a copy of the copyright agreement prior to publication. If rightholder and model are the same real person, leave this field blank.
Enter Model / Artist Instagram Name
Enter Model / Artist Twitter Name
Give us additional information that will help us to process your request accordingly.
You must accept these to send us a message with this form.
You can read here the Privacy Policy and the Copyright.

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