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Foot Artist

He is a footfetish digital artist, who specializes on drawing characters from movies, video games and cartoons. Shazzul Foot Artist is now officially featured on


About Shazzul

He first started uploading his work on DeviantArt a couple years ago, where he got lots support and managed to build an audience. Inspired by all the artists he admired through the years, he strived for quality work and a unique art style that defines him and his work among the community.


I hope you like my content, I’ll try to keep bringing new, quality stuff as frequently as I can for all of you to enjoy.

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into the business

As time passed he started offering commissioned work, where for a fair price, he would make drawings according to customer requirements.

It really took off and helped Shazzul to establish himself as not only a reliable artist when it came to safe transactions and reasonable waiting times, but especially as someone who would provide quality pieces for a good price.

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fetish comic style

His style is defined by thick lines and vibrant colors. With a comic book influence and cel shading combined for a unique an interesting look to all of his workpieces. This has given his pictures a recognizable look and a nice, brand-new presentation for characters originally drawn in a different art style.

Shazzul continued to work and expand with not only a successful Facebook page, but also a dedicated Twitter where he would pursue an audience in another field: NSFW artwork.

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Keep it going on

Currently sitting at 3K+ watchers on Deviantart, 2K followers on his Facebook page, a brand new Twitter that grows everyday and his Patreon page, that keeps attracting new supporters with many rewards and exclusive access to more “spicy” stuff. Shazzul has managed to make a name for himself in the foot fetish art community. One where he feels welcomed and continues to provide content for his loyal audience.

Shazzul’s offers

Shazzul offers you many opportunities to  buy or access his exciting foot fetish artworks. For example you can hire him for individual pictures, such as a commissioned order, but also admire his Patreon’s exclusive pictures with a subscription for a small fee. You can check all offers below.


  • Early access to the pictures (Demon)
  • Sneak peeks to the stuff (Spectre)
  • Access to NSFW content (Spectre)
  • 10% Discount on a commission by Premium Patreons (Knights of Hell)
  • and much more

All drawings on their original UHD resolution

$5 / month

Please note the Copyright on the artworks @ShazzulFootArtist

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