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Lovely oiled Soles Footfetish Exposed #3

Published at: Footfetish Exposed
Released: July 2021
Check the Feetrecords footfetish "Lovely oiled soles" gallery with footmodel BlaqCat and her sexy oiled up soles and feet.

The lovely oiled soles of footmodel BlaqCat

Perfect shiny, oiled soles for real foot lovers

Dear fans, these are the pictures from the month of July with footmodel BlaqCat’s lovely oiled soles. You can already admire some of them on our Feetrecords Facebook Page, and also on Twitter and Instagram. As usual, we are now also publishing the pictures as a free picture gallery on our website branded as Footfetish Exposed.

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The Footfetish Exposed File #3

Fleshy sexy soles that are nicely greasy oiled

We just let the pictures speak for themselves. They come from various spontaneous recordings that were taken on different days. Our foot model simply oiled her pretty soles and made them shine. We then just took some exciting pictures.

Oiled and shined Soles

Exciting soles with a beautiful shine.

The pictures speak for themselves, don’t they? Do you like our pictures? Do you want more pictures with our footmodel BlaqCat? Just write to us on social media. We will keep you informed as usual on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if we add a new one in our Free Gallery Section. In addition, we will release some images on our Devíant Art Account for all so-called watchers, so that you can also view them there.

Shiny Heels and wrinkled Soles

Even more sexy soles for foot lovers around the world

Further episodes of the Footfetish Exposed Files

Regularly new content for everyone who is crazy about feet, soles and toes

We only say this much, there will be many new unseen foot fetish pictures. So be a smart fetishist and follow us in the world wide web. More exclusive pictures will appear soon in the Footfetish Exposed Files.