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eetrecords Feetmag #5 - Cover

Issue #5 2024

Check out our brand new Magazine #5 we’ve published 2024 featuring 60 Pages brimful of hot Foot Fetish Pics.

Feetrecords Magazine Cover thum

Issue #4 2023

This outstanding Nylon Magazine we’ve published 2023 as Special Edition featuring BlaqCat’s Nylon Obsession.

Feetrecords FeetMag #3 Cover

Issue #3 2023

Our brand new Foot Fetish Magazine from 2023 featuring the hottest Footmodels on Feetrecords.

Feetrecords Footfetish Magzine 2022

Issue #2 2022

The most popular Foot Fetish Magazine from 2022 featuring Stephanie Mason, BlaqCat and Footmodel Pearl.

Feetrecords Magazine Cover thum

Issue #1 2021

Our first full size Foot Fetish Magazine from 2021 featuring the first Condom Feet Challenge we’ve created.

Feetrecords Foot Fetish Magazines

We are the sole producer of these unique foot fetish magazines globally, offering you the exclusive chance to acquire them from us. Our printed magazines are meticulously crafted collector’s items. For foot enthusiasts worldwide, they are an essential addition to your collection with many footfetish pics. Don’t miss out, order yours today.

We ship worldwide.

Each magazine is filled with numerous enticing pictures, posters, and in-depth insights about our project and the models involved.

Our magazines are released on an annual basis and are accessible in both printed and digital formats.

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About Feetrecords

We’re content creators and sellers for foot fetish pictures, videos and magazines

Our very own story

We are a group of foot fetish enthusiasts and have been publishing exclusive foot fetish content since many years. We’ve created and launched the Feetrecords website in 2018, because we want to share exciting erotic foot fetish content to our fans. This includes footfetish pics, videos and our very popular footfetish magazines. We specialize in foot fetish pictures with soles, toes, high heels, leggings and many other related accessories for foot lovers.

We are also known as adult media entrepreneurs in the foot fetish scene and we’re certainly to be classified in the amateur area. Creating unique content is our passion. We are happy to share all this with you.

BlaqCat is the Mainfounder of Feetrecords

Footmodel BlaqCat is long time in the business and she is doing most of the work for this project. She takes care of the website content and maintains our social media. She’s one of our exclusive models and also offers the opportunity to purchase individual content. If you would like to enter into a cooperation with us, get in touch via our contact us page. We offer a variety of opportunities to work together and moving forward to reach our goals.

Feetrecords Sharing Foot fetish pics we love

In addition to our shop on the Feetrecords website, we also distribute a lot of free footfetish content at our social media profiles, such as FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We also act as a cooperation partner for other people interested in footfetish, because we want to give something back to footfetishnation and let them grow further.

Feetrecords feature and support footmodels, photographers and drawing artists from the footfetish scene from all over the world. We’re strong Partners for all peoples who wants to join the Footfetishnation.

We are bloggers and create social media challenges

We also publish our own Blog on the topic of foot fetish and give support to foot models and content creators in our footmodel advices on this website. We have a high level of social media engagement and organize content foot fetish challenges such as the Condom Feet Challenge as a special part of our project and encourage other people from the foot fetish scene to take part as well. So we see ourselves as special freelancing amateur publishers in the truly overfloating scene and are clearly part of the upcoming foot fetish mainstream. A lot of content awaits you with us. Have fun browsing our Footfetish website.

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Footmodels & Artists featured by Feetrecords

Welcome to our Footmodel, Artist, and Photographer section! Here you will find a curated collection of talented individuals who specialize in the art of foot modeling and photography. All these artist are featured by us to support them and her work. You can browse through our models’ portfolios and see their stunning feet in action, or explore our artists’ and photographers’ work and get inspired by their unique perspectives. Whether you are a foot fetish enthusiast or a professional in the industry, our section is the perfect place to discover new talent and connect with like-minded individuals from the foot fetish scene. So come and explore our collection, and let the beauty of feet captivate your imagination! If you want to join us, you can get  featured by writing us a message.

Random Footmodels & Artists

Latest entries in the foot fetish blog

Welcome to our Foot Fetish Blog, the ultimate destination for feet enthusiasts! Our blog is filled with a plethora of fascinating content that caters to all your foot fetish needs. From stunning foot fetish pics in the Footfetish Exposed Series to the latest news and trends in the foot fetish world, we have it all. Our blog also provides helpful advice and tips for footmodels who want to take their career to the next level. So whether you are a die-hard foot fetishist or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of feet, our blog is the perfect place to indulge your passion. Explore our free footfetish content and let your foot fetish fantasies run wild!

Feetrecords Instagram Feed

Let’s check out our official Feetrecords Instagram page! We are excited to share with you a stunning collection of free footfetish pictures featuring our talented foot models. Our page is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of feet and showcasing the work of our amazing models. Whether you are a professional foot model looking for inspiration, or simply a foot fetish enthusiast who appreciates the aesthetic appeal of feet, our page is the perfect place for you. We post regularly, so be sure to follow us and stay up-to-date with our latest content. Come explore our page and immerse yourself in the world of footfetish pics!

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