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Kittys Pretty Feet

She's a mature footmodel, artist and creative freelancer for exclusive and unique jewellery. Check all these pics for more

Official Set Card Kittys Pretty Feet

Name: Kitty's pretty Feet
Type: Footmodel, Artist
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Feb 2023
Kitty Pretty Feet


Location: USA / N.Y.
Age: 59
Footsize: 6.5 US
Profesion: Temptress, Artist, Muse, Photographer

Booking & Buying

Website: Kitty's Sweet Feet
External Shop: Kittys Footique

Available Offers:

Custom jewelry orders available, Custom Content, Premade Content, Video Sessions, Worn Items, Findom/Humiliation

Social Media

Twitter: @kittysfeet13
Instagram: @kittys.wrinkled.soul

A well known model from the footfetish community

Behind the name Kittys pretty Feet stands an female #artist who also works as a mature #footmodel and creative freelancer for exclusive and unique jewellery. As a supporter of many footmodels and artists, we’re proudly present her to you today as a featured artist and show you some of her best pictures. So here you get a lot of special pictures and all information about her. So, let’s dive in.

High Heels by Kittys pretty Feet

As a mature woman and experienced #footmodel, Kitty creates pretty professional-looking pictures of her pretty feet. It goes without saying that she likes pretty shoes and owns countless high heels, which she also likes to show off to her fans in combination with her extraordinary feet. Here’s a quick look at them before we dive into their true strengths. Because her soles and toes are also gorgeous.

About the Artist Kitty’s preety Feet

Curious to learn more about Kitty’s Pretty Feet? Here is an excerpt from the short interview we had with her when we met her. So read everything important and check the pictures. This is going to be a huge hit.

The Interview

Hello Kitty, tell us something about yourself.

Kittys Preety Feet:
I’m a mature FootFetish Model from New York City. Im a creative person, I love trinkets for my feet which led me to make myself barefoot sandals and ankle bracelets. After posting some on Instagram I started selling them on Etsy. I just love anything foot related.

How long have you been part of the foot fetish scene?

Kittys Preety Feet:
I’ve been in the Fetish community for just about 2 years. I have always had a special affection for my own feet. It’s just part of who I am. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my feet. Finding this community felt like going home. I finally found my people!

What are the most requested pictures of you?

Kittys Preety Feet:
My most requested images are my wrinkly soles and high arches.

Where can people find you on the internet?

Kittys Preety Feet:
I can mainly be found on social media.
But Instagram has made it very difficult to promote myself. I’ve lost over thirteen pages since I started., six, of them in the last 3 months. As a former lingerie store owner I’ve always embraced sensuality. So this community is a natural fit for me.

What motivates you to be part of Feetrecords?

Kittys Preety Feet:
I want to join the other models you feature on feetrecords and further propel my foot fetish molding career.

Wrinkled Soles and Arches of Kitty

These soles are very impressive. Such gorgeous wrinkled soles and with great arches. See for yourself, here comes the large picture gallery with Kitty’s pretty feet. The name says it all.

The Feet and Toes Jewelry by Kitty’s pretty Feet

As a mature #footmodel who already has a lot of experience in the business to offer, you will receive additional image material exclusively from us. Under the Kitty’s Footique brand, she sells handcrafted jewelery on Etsy and uses her talent as a model to present her goods. See for yourself and enjoy these breathtaking pictures.

Visit Kittys Pretty Feet

Now everything is said. As promised, she is an incredibly talented and mature #footmodel and #artist that deserves your attention. Follow Kittys Pretty Feet on social media and visit her Footique or her brand new website Kitty’s Sweet Feet for more footfetish related content. She’s also available at Twitter as KittyFeet so you can follow her right there.

For more unique footfetish content, please check out our other #featured #footmodel and #artist page and our big collection of free footfetish galleries we’ve been published on Feetrecords.com.

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