Mistress Caliana

Mistress Caliana is truly classy dominant Mistress. As professional, classy pro domme, of course she also offer her beautiful feet for spendable fans.

She’s a truth Footfetish Mistress

Mistress Caliana work as a professional Model in many various Sections. You can purchase Pictures, Video and other custom Content. Contact her for more about her passionate business and get in touch with your Footfetish Mistress. But keep in mind, like any Goddess, she have always felt males are meant to serve.

Mistress Caliana

Mistress Caliana

Footmodel, Prodomme, independently

I’m a professional, classy pro domme and findomme. I’ll have you wanting Me so bad, heroin will seem mild by comparison. You will buy My stuff, thank Me and then give Me more until you have nothing left.

Footfetish and S&M

Foot fetishism is often associated with S&M. Caliana exactly hits that notch and lives the lifestyle 24/7. Caliana is not just a model, she can be your mistress. She is based in the Atlanta, Georgia area and not only foot lovers are welcome at her place. Many footfetish lovers like to be submissive and seek contact with a rather dominant lady. You can fulfill your wishes and get in touch with her. She is available for live sessions, but also for fetish photo and studio sessions.
Visualize your dreams of serving Caliana. It’s in front of you, the proclivity and penchant that sits within Caliana is everything you need.


  • Foot Workship
  • Foot Dominnation
  • Tight High Boots Workship
  • High Heel Workship
  • Feet Smell (giving)
  • Footfetish Roleplay
Footmodel Mistress Caliana

Mistress Caliana Booking Options

Mistress Caliana


Caliana has worked in modeling for many years. Exclusive insights are available on her Twitter.
Mistress Caliana


As a popular and professional prodomme, especially with regard to footfetish, Mistress Caliana is also known as a prodomme 

Mistress Caliana


The footfetish area is just one of their specialties. She is a very well known person at the fetish and content creator business.

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