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We feature You

Footmodels, Photgraphers and footfetish artists from around the World

You are a footmodel or you want to become one? You want to get started right now? Here you can find all information about our “Featured Model Program” and learn how to become a Footmodel at Feetrecords.com. Artists and photographers are also welcome and can be supported by us.

There are so many advantages to joining us. You become more visible in the world wide web, you also get a good partner to breathe life into your social media and the footfetish world. Networking is extremely important because it is a pity if you offer amazing content but nobody knows about it.

We are a strong and well connected partner for you. We have a particularly high reach in social media. What essentially differentiates us is that we have a high proportion of real fans and do not buy followers or likes. This enables us to achieve high rates of real visitors and interested customers.

What’s the catch?

Clearly there is none! In order to get to the site with us, we do not require payment or other remuneration. We just want to support the footfetish community.

Follow the lines on this page and learn more about how you can become a featured footfetish model at Feetrecords.

The Benefits of becoming a featured footmodel

What we offer to you and your footfetish business

Free Profil Page

Its important to get found on the internet. We publish a profile page for you on Feetrecords.com and advertise you that way. Through our search engine optimization you will also find new fans and potential customers.

Free Gallery

We will publish a free picture gallery with your selected pictures. At this, potential customers may get a taste for it and possibly want buying your stuff. Free samples is a great way to showcase what you’re offering and increase your chances of making money.


Already on social media? You want to have more visitors and followers. On your profile page we link all of your channels and thus lead visitors to you. No matter if Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, your customers should know where to find you.

Shoutout & Share

All models, photographers are supported by us by sharing their contributions in the social networks. We retweet, share and shout out your posts so that you can reach more customers and fans. You can also be mentioned in our Newsletter.

Best of all, it’s completely free.

We support amateur and semi-professional models, artists and photographers free of charge. There’s no catch. Join now and give your foot model career a big boost. If you would like to place paid advertising in our magazine or website, please use the contact form.

We don’t hire models, we create stars!

What you have to do and get startet

We just need some photos, texts about you that we could use. The images should be in a high resolution format. We will do post-processing and improvements. In addition to close-up photos of your feet, soles, toes or legs, you can also provide us with a picture of your face. However, this is not mandatory if you want to remain anonymous for your customers.

We also need all links to your social networks and websites. In addition, you can give us additional information. for example, foot size, hair color, or things you offer. be creative. You can take a look at the other Model Pages we have here. Photographers and Artists from the foot fetish area are also welcome to join.

If you need help creating your own pictures, read our Blog post about how to make money selling feet pictures.

The Checklist for you to get featured


We need a text in which you introduce yourself. Tell the people who you are and what you offer


For your profile page we should have some pictures that represent you well. Three to five pictures are recommended.

Your Links

We also need information about your pages in the social media and personal websites in order to link them.

Free Gallery

You want to publish a few free pictures with us. We recommend six to twelve pictures that represent you well.

Be sure it fit’s

A few small things are to be considered.

Your text and in particular your pictures must have foot fetish reference. Also, no pornographic representations are desired. So please leave your pants on while taking pictures. Ideally, your pictures are of good quality and high resolution.

As an example, look at the page of sexy Holly, Footmodel Stephanie Mason or Footmodel Jenny we made. Its just easy to become a featured Footmodel on Feetrecords.com

Notes to the Copyright

All pictures and contents remain YOUR OWNERSHIP. We only receive a copyright to use them. All images are branded by us with the official Feetrecords Logo to control unauthorized use. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, use the contact form. We brand your Pics with the official Feetrecords Logo, to protect you against scam and illegal content sharing.

Stephanie Mason

Let’s check Stephanie Mason “featured Profil Page” at Feetrecords.com. Footmodel Stephanie Mason is a true barefoot Goddess and get featured at our website.

Feetrecords Footmodels at social media

Getting your content shared by us is just one of the benefits we offer you.

We’re available at many social media and have a high monthly reach with good customer traffic. So follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

So don’t waste your time and join in.

What our featured Footmodels say

I’ve been in business for many years. The collaboration with Feetrecords should bring me new visitors on my social media channels. A free offer, which helped me a lot. I just have to say “Thank you guys”


Exclusive Footmodel, independently

I already have some experience in the modeling business. For me it was important to have a partner who also supports me. Working with Feetrecords for me means that I do not have to worry about a website. So I have more time for my fans.


Exclusive Footmodel, Feetrecords

I’ve been a successful model for many years. With Feetrecords I get a good partner to gain more popularity on the internet. I’m very excited and happy to be part of it.

Toe Highness

Featured Footmodel, independently


Frequently Asked Questions

what does a featured model mean ?

So-called featured models are models that we like to support as a promoter. We want to fill our website with content and give models the opportunity to publish their content with us. 

How can I join as a featured model ?

It’s easy. Fill out the form below and send it to us. We will contact you afterwards with further steps.

Can I have my content removed ?

At Anytime.
Just send us a short E-mail.

What happens if I have sent you the application form ?

You are usually asked to send us pictures, text and links to your websites, social media channels, shops or other. You will receive the email address from us.

What costs to be featured model ?

Its 100% Free. We do not ask for money or other consideration.

Can I also upload my content myself ?

No. You have to send us the content via email. Our webmaster team will create your page and publish it. It ensures that only high quality content comes to this page.

What exactly happens to my content ?

We promote your site on our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, we place your pictures and links on famous link directories so that you get more visitors and customers.

Do I keep the copyrights ?

Yes, you retain 100% of all rights to your images and all other content.

Are my images marked with your logo ?

Yes, we have to do this to possibly understand where the pictures are shared on the Internet. We also protect your copyright with this measure.

Become a featured Footmodel

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Showcase Your Foot Fetish Content and Attract New Customers for Free!
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We need this for copyright approval

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