How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics Part 1

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We tell you how to make money selling feet pics. Start your own foot fetish online business! Read how to do this successful.

Let’s get started

become a self-made Footmodel and earn Money

Every beginning is difficult? No, it’s actually pretty easy to do. We have tips for taking photos, for the hardware you need and we will give you a few ideas for selling footfetish stuff. But don’t panic, no big investments are necessary. So you can benefit from our experience. We have been in the business ourselves for several years and successfully sell footfetish images on the World Wide Web. So we can say we know How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics.

You must be at least 18 years old to do this.

Learn How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics

We’ll tell you useful tips and tricks

  • What photo equipment you need
  • How you can create easy selling pictures
  • What’s the most demand feet poses for
  • Where can you sell your pictures?
  • How do you advertise your feet pic’s

and much more …

footfetish pictures

Equipment to create footfetish pictures

Smartphone vs professional camera

We claim that you don’t need hundreds of dollars of equipment. Of course you can get a good expensive camera and lenses, but it is not necessary to get started. Each of you has a modern smartphone. They take very good, high-resolution pictures. We can recommend you to use a so called “Selfie Stick” or a small three-legged mini tripod. These are usually offered with Bluetooth remote triggers and good devices are available for around $ 15.

Selfie Stick

If you don’t have a Bluetooth remote trigger, you also have the option to trigger your mobile phone camera with “Voice Control” or “Time-Delay Trigger”. Just look in the settings of your phone. Furthermore, the phone cameras also have time delay triggers. Because you should also pay attention to good bright lighting. So use daylight in a bright room, or install additional light sources. Many influencers and models also use tripods with built-in lights as a cool gadget.

No matter what you decide

For your first pictures you are well equipped with only small investments and on a small budget. We use both, a CANON SLR camera and mobile phone in our photo sessions. Sometimes even both at the same time. So we can take pictures with the camera and simultaneously recording a video with the smartphone on a tripod. So we can create awesome live recordings of the shootings and can also offer them for sale. It would also be important to use the main camera on your phone. It takes pictures in higher resolution and is therefore much more suitable than the selfie camera on the front of the display.

More Advantages of Smartphone camera

Using a smartphone also has the advantage that you always have it with you. So you can take spontaneous pictures for your fans and followers. Maybe if you are sitting in a beach bar and want to take a hot pic of your new sexy sandals for your Instagram . But we’ll talk about the options for marketing your content later in Part 2 of this Blog Post.

footfetish pictures

Overview of the needed Equipment

Your Checklist

  • Modern mobile phone or camera
  • Tripod or selfie stick with Bluetooth remote trigger
  • Flash Light (optional)
  • Additional lighting

Keep in mind, a high resolution is important. New smartphone models usually have a resolution of over 8 megapixels or more and are well suited. A camera should also have more than 8 megapixels. We use a 24 Megapixels SLR camera because we also produce printed things like our Footfetish Magazine and need that for high-resolution prints.

Let’s get creative making feet pics

How do you create your footfetish pictures

Honestly, we just take most of the pictures in an apartment. It’s easy to take pictures on a bed or couch. But you should pay attention to cleanliness and order there. You should also consider your privacy. There should be no pictures of your family or friends or similar in the background. When we put together a set up for a photo shoot, we usually use large bedspreads, sheets or curtains. It shouldn’t look too studio-like and still look very appealing.

The lighting and light influence

This is also particularly important when choosing your location. We recommend that you take the pictures in natural light during the day. You can get the best results here. If you take pictures in rooms that are too dark, a complex photo editing is necessary afterwards, or your pictures maybe are useless and worthless. So have a few thoughts before you start taking pictures. Find a nice place, set everything up and check that the camera batteries are fully loaded.

footfetish pictures

Add something special and unique

foot fetish accessories are very popular

We’re talking about how to make money selling feet pics. So it makes sense to also use certain things and utensils that are related to this topic. Sexy socks, tights and other hot underwear are highly recommended. Many types of shoe fashion can also be useful. High heels, sandals or flip-flops are often the subject of fetish images. You can find some exsamples on OUR GALLERIES and get some inspiration. Leggings are also a great option too. This makes it easy to stage sexy legs particularly well. So be creative. If you need additional inspiration, check out Instagram under the HASHTAG #FOOTMODEL. Here you will find countless pictures in the world wide footfetish community.

behind the scence

Your attitude and the posing

What kind of feet poses are popular and desired

Here we can also tell you about our experiences. Amateur foot models should protect their privacy. The most of them don’t show their faces and prefer to remain anonymous. You have to decide for yourself how you want to handle it. However, it can be said that models who show the whole body and face too are more successful. It is probably the case that foot lovers always want to have an empathic connection to the person in the picture. It’s less about beauty or not. It is simply about the fact that it should not be the feet of “anyone”, but that of a person you at least know and like by sight. For more inspiration you can check out our Free Galleries. There are many exsamples of feet posings and footfetish pictures compositions.

Thats how we create our footfetish content

At we focused entirely on feet. Many of our models never showed more than her soles, feet, legs and maybe some buttocks. Depending on your criteria on this topic, you can position yourself in front of the camera. We’ll show you a few exsample poses we use often in our shootings.

Footmodel BlaqCat condomfeetchallenge preview

We use special items and accessories like Condoms in our shootings

sexy fishnet socks

Special Socks and other sexy footwear are also very popular

High Heels Footmodel

Sexy High Heels, Leggings and more you can use as extra items

But there is an incredible variety on this topic. Close-ups are very popular with foot lovers. Images that are also photographed somewhat further away also have their charm. So try to find a good mix. You can practice close-up shots of the soles, toes and heels in various poses beforehand. Our fans write to us again and again that they would like to have pictures with a view from above. A so-called top view Here you can score especially with beautifully painted toenails and a well-made pedicure.

Incidentally, one of the classic poses in photo model photography is the so-called “the pose”. You can see a few examples here on Instagram with “The Pose”.

Take care on your Feet

The general condition of the feet is generally important and should also fit. Completely unkempt feet are a NO-GO. A good pedicure is definitely recommended before the shoot. But also consider that some foot fetishists prefer rough feet. A lot of footfetish lovers likes feet and soles a bit smelly and worn. In time you will find out what your fans like and what they prefer. So you should be open-minded. For some peoples, feet are weird thing. We promise you that there are footetishists had loves for all types of feet. So be brave and confident.

Our way of doing it

If we take pictures, we don’t just let our model lie down or sit, very nice pictures can also be created with standing poses. So be creative and try something. There are actually no fixed rules. Let yourself be inspired by other footmodels and find your inclined way to visualize your feet.

footfetish pictures

After the Footfetish Picture Shooting

lets do some post – productions

If you have photographed your pictures, there are now several options. On the one hand you can upload them to a computer or you can edit them on your smartphone. We use Affinity Photo for the PC, which is an inexpensive good alternative to the more expensive Photoshop. On Mobiles, there is now also good software for image processing in Google or ITunes Store, but for more professional results, we would recommend postprocessing on a PC. Here you can try out something more. With a little work you will surely make good progress and achieve great results.

Use a Photo Editor

By using a good photo editor program, you can often get more out of your pictures and improve colors and lighting with just a few clicks. Cropping can also be very useful here. If you took your pictures with a smartphone, they are quite wide in landscape format, which can be disadvantageous at times. Images that you post on social media for advertising purposes can of course be edited there with the built-in filters. Sometimes you get useful results with it. We recommend the following optimizations for your pictures.

Conclusions for Image Processing

  • Crop pictures (4: 3, 16: 9 or 1: 1 format)
  • Optimize with a photo software (there are useful auto functions)
  • Save the original and the revised photos in a folder structure
Camouflage Leggings

End of part 1 – how to make money sell feet pic’s

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