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The Pose a Footfetish Classic

The Pose is one of the most requested positions in foot fetish history and a footfetish classic.

Inquiring minds want to know about “the Pose”

Every foot lover knows and can relate to the term “the pose”. We’ve scraped together a few facts for you to fill your inquiring mind with. We have also collected a few highlights from social media and put some pictures for you in this post. Well, we didn’t have to think long to describe it. On urbandictionary.com we found a very good definition of “the Pose” and would like to share it with you.

What means The Pose and how it works

In the online foot fetish community, The Pose refers to a girl (or guy, if such is one’s desire) lying on her stomach, facing the camera/viewer, with her feet up in back of her. The soles of the feet are showing, which is of interest to fetishists who enjoy the bottom of the feet. In The Pose, the feet may be crossed or uncrossed, stacked, side-by-side, one up/one down, soles skyward, soles scrunched, toes spread, etc. The Pose is one of the most requested positions in foot fetish history, and can be found in droves on such fora as Yuku’s TheMousepad, Wu’s Feetlinks, and others.

urbandictionary.com | Halesite

That is right on point!

That describes it really well. We thank urbandictionary for this and hope we were able to enlighten you with this. To substantiate the whole thing with images, our Featured Footmodel Stephanie Mason shows us a great picture that she took during one of her yoga sessions. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

Why is “The Pose” so popular in the Footfetish scene?

It is often difficult to elucidate precisely in relation to specific fetish causes or reasons. Here, the reasons surely lie in the combination of two things. There are two key elements to photographing feet in this way. On the one hand they perfectly show the soles of the feet (which most people prefer) on the other hand the face can also be seen, creating a personal reference. We discussed this and found out that this is also a rather submissive and innocent attitude that fires a lot of imagination. So it’s kind of like “Hey, I’m taking a selfie of myself and oops I’m barefoot and you can see my feet!”. So a perfect picture composition, which mostly also benefits the voyeuristic foot lovers.

The best “The Pose” Pics we’ve found on Instagram

If you search on Instagram using the hashtag #thepose, you will quickly find what you are looking for. Hundreds of thousands of pictures can be found and show what is probably the most famous pose in the model business, which makes the hearts of foot lovers beat faster. Here we show you a few pictures that we particularly like and that are really outstanding.

Would you like to be added to this gallery?

No problem. You can write us a message on Instagram and send us your picture. We’d love to add you to this The Pose Gallery on Feetrecords. If you’re already here, you should check if it wouldn’t be good idea to join us as a featured model.

That’s all folks

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