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Stephanie Mason

Footmodel Stephanie Mason is a true barefoot Goddess, worthy of worship and obsession. She offers breathtaking footfetish images for all foot lovers.

Official Set Card Stephanie Mason

Name: Stephanie Mason
Type: Footmodel
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Nov 2021
Stephanie Mason SMfeefet


Location: Canada
Age: unknown
Footsize: 7 US / 37 EU
Profesion: Lifestyle consultant, Model, Short Film Producer

Booking & Buying

Website: SMFeetFet
External Shop: Clip4Sale

Available Offers:

Pre-mades, Customs, Pictures, Videos, more on request

Social Media

Twitter: smfeetfet
Instagram: @giantessmason1
Facebook: SMfeet

Footmodel Entrepreneur Stephanie Mason aka SMFeetfet

She’s a true barefoot Goddess

You realy love perfectly formed, high arched women’s feet? Do you need a confident barefoot goddess whose feet you can admire? You are in the right place. Stephanie Mason, also known as SMfeetfet offers you a lot of multimedia content to marvel at her sexy feet. Feetrecords.com introduces you to this goddess exclusively as featured #footmodel. She earn your obsession just with her beautiful feet. Her sexy feet in size 7 (US) / 37 (EU), beautifully shaped with tiny toes and sexy high arches. She’s a lover of yoga and courier of sensuality through her feet.

Stephanie Mason SMfeefet

About Stephanie Mason

A true barefoot Goddess, worthy of worship and obsession. Respectfull of our mutual foot fetish and genuinely gets off on your attention. Passionate about expressing the beauty and sensuality of a women’s feet. Her beautiful feet are size 7 US / 37 (EU) She also calls herself as fit and flexible Yogi MILF, gifted with wrinkly soles, high arches and radient soft feet. But you should also know she’s a true Alpha Female who knows what she likes from experienced.

Stephanie Mason’s Feet

To put it in the words of her fans, here is a quote from her Facebook page: “Paradise must be under your soft soles”. There is nothing to add. Her feet are gorgeous and her pictures and video content are breathtaking. So we can recommend you to follow her on the countless social media websites. For foot lovers who want to tap into real and unique content, there is more information here on how to get the exclusive content.

Stephanie Mason’s content is available on a variety of platforms and branded as SMfeetfet. You can see the main offers here. But remember guys, be decent and behave properly, she’s a true goddess. If want to become a real Fan of Stepanie Mason, then check out her website.

SMfeetfet Stephanie Mason
Goddess Stephanie Mason
Support your Goddess Stephanie Mason and her Projects at GoFoundme
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Stephanie Mason SMfeefet
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Let’s check out the official Stephanie Mason free feet gallery

You want to see more free pictures of our #featured foot models. Stephanie Mason has created tons of images and features some exclusively on our website in their own gallery. This is exclusive and unique content. So let’s have a look. Visit here.

Find the Way to your Barefoot Goddess

It’s really easy, visit the website of your barefoot goddess in the world wide web and get insights into her footfetish world. Countless free pictures with her sexy high arched feet, high heels or yoga pants, perfectly staged. There is sure to be something to discover for every lover of beautiful feet. So become a fan of Smfeetfet and become part of it. Please use the Links below or check her official All My Links Page for more option to get in touch with Stephanie Mason.

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