Corbine F

Footmodel Corbine F is one of our exclusive Foot Fetish Models. She's based in Berlin and a real Fetish Model and Actor.

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Name: Corbine F
Type: Footmodel
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Sep 2020
Footmodel Corbine F


Location: Germany
Age: unknown
Footsize: 37 EU
Profesion: Actress

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Corbine F is a Footmodel & Adult Actress

Footmodel Corbine F is currently study casually and am interested in fetish arts and modeling. Incidentally, She like retro style especially the 50’s. In particular highheels and fashion styles. She’s work as a model  want expand and offer now some services on the foot modeling business. Until now she’s did all her pictures here myself. In 2022 we will be taking professional photosets with her by the Feetrecords photographers. Maybe we do some double feature with Footmodel BlaqCat. So stay tuned and visit our foot fetish website regularly so that you don’t miss any updates.

More about the foot model

Hey that’s me, Corbine F. I’m a footmodel and actress from the german capital city Berlin. I like to party, dance and have a good time with nice people. It feels great to become a featured Footmodel by Feetrecords. In the next month at 2022 we want create some hot footfetish stuff and i start selling feet pictures on Feetfinder. On this page below you can see some free footfetish pictures of my sexy feet. Hope you like it.

Corbine F
Footmodel Corbine F
Corbine F from Berlin


The shootings was planned for 2022. But because of the Covid crisis, we didn’t get around to it. We hope to be able to book her in the next few months so that we can finally deliver pictures to you. You can visit us at our social media until then and subscribe to us on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t miss any updates. We release some free footfetish pictures  as a preview for all Footlover and Fans of Corbine F. As long you can visit our free footfetish galleries and see our other footmodels beautiful feet, soles and toes.

Havoc | Feetrecords Founder

Exclusive Free Pictures of our featured Model Corbine F

Check out more Free Footfetish Galleries of our exclusive or #featured Footmodels at Feetrecords. If you like this awesome footfetish stuff with this #footmodel just follow us on our Feetrecords Facebook. We add the first pics there for all of our fans around the World. We know it’s not a lot at first, but we promise there will be more footage of her feet soon.

We at Feetrecords really like this model. We have already spoken to her and know that she has a huge high heel collection. So we’re giving it some thought and would actually like to take a large photo special on the subject of high heels. So stay tuned. We will make a really awesome photo set with her.

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