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Footmodel Kurokako

Feetrecords goes Japan and presents foot model Kurokako with pretty legs and exciting tiny feet

Official Set Card Footmodel Kurokako

Name: Kurokako
Type: Footmodel
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Dec 2023
Footmodel Kurokako


Location: Japan
Footsize: 37 EU
Profesion: Freelancer

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External Shop: Reddit

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Pre-made and Custom Pictures and Services

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Twitter: Kurokako
Instagram: Kurokako

Exploring the Art of Asian Feet with Footmodel Kurokako

Greetings, foot enthusiasts and art lovers! Welcome to a unique and captivating exploration of the world of asia feet through the lens of Kurokako. As a 24-year-old Asian foot model from Japan, she invite you to join her on a journey where we celebrate the sexy beauty of feet in a tasteful and artistic manner.

Asian feet are more popular than ever

We have already reported on this in our blog post about Asian Feet. Asian Footmodel are very popular and Kurokako also represents cute little Asian feet. Right here, we’ll delve into the intriguing realm of Kurokako’s foot modeling, where every angle, detail, and nuance is meticulously captured from Kurokako by a DSLR camera. Join her as she share her story, interests, and the artistic process behind her photo sets. Each carefully curated to showcase the allure of her asian feet in a way that transcends the ordinary.

Gorgeous Asian Footmodel promises hot content

Whether you’re a seasoned foot connoisseur or simply curious about the fetish artistry behind this unique form of self-expression, this #featured japanese #footmodel promises an insight into her world. Discover the services she offer, from enchanting photo sets to personalized, custom experiences that cater to your individual tastes.

Footmodel Kurokako
Legs and High Heels by Kurokako

About Asian Footmodel Kurokako

Hello everyone! I’m Kurokako, a 24-year-old Asian foot model hailing from Japan. I’m thrilled to share the beauty of my feet with you. While I keep an air of mystery by not revealing explicit content or fully showcasing my face, I’m excited for us to connect and explore our shared interests.

Footmodel Kurokako

My Offers for Footlovers

Beyond my passion for showcasing feet, I have a diverse set of interests, including bondage, foot photography, sexual asphyxiation, and more. I believe in creating a space where we can appreciate the beauty of feet in an artistic and respectful manner.

Selling Photo Sets

Explore my regularly updated photo sets featuring over 200 high-resolution images of feet and legs. Shot with a DSLR camera, these sets capture the intricate details and angles, priced at $18 each.

Custom Services

Tailored to your desires, my custom services start at $100, delivering a minimum of 100 high-resolution images. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I’m dedicated to exceeding your expectations with personalized content.

Get in touch with Footmodel Kurokako

Connect with me on various platforms to stay updated on my latest releases and engage with our community!

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