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How to sell feet pictures on Instagram

Selling feet pictures on social media platforms like Instagram is easy if you follow these tips. Read more about them below!


In today’s digital landscape, innovative individuals are capitalizing on their unique skills and interests to generate income on various online platforms. Instagram, a diverse and popular platform, presents an opportunity for creative minds to monetize their talents. If you possess talented feet, this guide will show you how to transform your passion into a profitable endeavor on Instagram. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process to effectively sell your captivating photographs.

Just follow these Steps to sell feet pics on instagram

Step 1: Establish Your Instagram Presence

Selling your photography on Instagram involves a strategic approach. To begin, create an Instagram account with a distinctive username. Opt for a name that is easy to remember and search for. This choice of username will enhance your discoverability and make it easier for interested individuals to find you within the platform.

Step 2: Curate a Compelling Profile

Your profile picture serves as the first impression of your account. Choose a high-quality photo that accurately represents your identity as a photographer. A professionally captured and appealing profile picture will pique the curiosity of potential followers and buyers.

Step 3: Showcase Engaging Footfetish Content

To cultivate a strong connection with your followers and potential customers, ensure your content is engaging and relevant. Caption your photos with descriptive narratives that add depth to your images. These captions will provide context and insight when viewers interact with your posts.

Add Some Interesting Footage

If you’re selling #feet pictures, then you need to add some interesting #footage. This will make your #followers feel more connected with you and your #business. You should also use captions that describe what you’re doing.

These captions will be what people see when they click on your photo. The caption should include information about the image such as where it was taken, who took it, and why it’s important. You should also use the right #hastags. For this, we’ve also published a Post about using hashtags on Instagram.

On the subject of pictures, we have more posts in our Footmodel #Advices, where you can learn how to take pictures and which poses (especialy The Pose) are particularly popular. Check out all our Footmodel Advices, to get all the tips and hints to sell pics.

Many of the foot models we feature also have Instagram and use it as a platform. So look at the models, many of them have very nice profiles and can serve as an example of how to create an Instagram account. Many sell not only foot fetish content but also jewelry and other related items.

best hasthags for selling feet pics
Feetrecords at Instagram

Important Advice by Footmodel BlaqCat

It should be mentioned here. Instagram sees itself as a rather conservative platform. Too offensive #advertising, especially with regard to sexualized content (yes, this also includes foot images) are recognized by the algorithm. In the worst case, this can lead to the account being blocked or #shadowbanned. So be careful when you write #captions, #comments or publish pictures that are too revealing.

Footmodel BlaqCat

Step 4: Leverage Hashtags Strategically

Use relevant hashtags that align with your niche and content themes. This will increase the visibility of your posts and attract an audience that shares your interests. Strategic hashtag usage is key to expanding your reach on Instagram. You can read more about using hashtags on Instagram on our Blog. Here in the article “Footfetish daily hashtags for better Engagement” you will find tips on which hashtags are also popular on social media in the area of foot fetish. You can also check out all our Footmodel Advices, to get all the tips and hints to sell feet pics.

Step 5: Tag and Interact with Followers

Engage with your followers by tagging individuals who engage with your content. Express gratitude and encourage them to share your posts. This interaction fosters a sense of community and generates interest in your photography.

Step 6: Maintain Consistency

Consistency is vital to growing your Instagram presence. Regularly post new content and stories to keep your audience engaged. A consistent posting schedule helps build a loyal follower base and reinforces your brand’s identity. So, to make yourself and your feet rich, you need to be pretty active.

Step 7: Utilize Instagram Footfetish Stories

Leverage Instagram Stories to provide a glimpse into your creative process, upcoming projects, and behind-the-scenes moments. Stories create a personal connection with your audience and generate anticipation for your content. You can be very creative here, you can do a lot with pretty feet. We are thinking, for example, of foot jewellery, socks or pretty high heels.

Step 8: Develop a Professional Network

Cultivate relationships with other creatives, photographers, and artists on the platform. A supportive network can enhance your visibility and offer valuable insights into the industry. There are many foot fetish people, buyers and content creators on Instagram.

Step 9: Adhere to Platform Guidelines

While pursuing your passion, remember to respect Instagram’s community guidelines. Avoid explicit or overly sexual content, as it could lead to account suspension or restrictions. Instagram sees itself as a rather conservative platform. Too offensive #advertising, especially with regard to sexualized content (yes, this also includes foot images) are recognized by the algorithm. In the worst case, this can lead to the account being blocked or #shadowbanned. So be careful when you write #captions#comments or publish footfetish pictures that are too revealing.

The official Feetrecords Instagram Feed

That’s how we do it on Instagram to sell feet pics. Our Instagram account is’nt just a platform for advertising our pictures and videos. It also serves to inform and inspire us with other artists. Please keep in mind that a good network is important to be successful on social media.

How to sell feet pictures on Instagram Step by Step

Follow these steps:

  • Create a Account
  • Add a good Profil Picture
  • Add some Text about you in your Profil
  • Add new Post / Pictures regulary
  • Use Story’s to entertain your Followers
  • Interact with your followers

Important Rules

  • Make sure not to use your real name / Think about a sonorous pseudonym
  • don’t give anyone your private phone number or adress
  • be friendly but be determined on your goals / stay focused
  • Foot models in self-publishing work exclusively on advance payment
  • only post pictures that are allowed
  • use payment methods that do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your data


Selling your photography on Instagram is an endeavor that requires dedication, patience, and creativity. By following these steps, you can establish a distinct presence in a competitive market. Keep in mind that success hinges on standing out from the crowd and fostering meaningful connections with your audience. By adhering to best practices and consistently offering captivating content, you can turn your passion for photography into a lucrative venture. Remember, it’s a journey that requires commitment and innovation. Good luck on your path to becoming a successful photography entrepreneur on Instagram. If you’re looking for more guidance on selling feet pictures, explore our blog posts “Best Place to Sell Feet Pictures” and our insights on Feetfinder. Your journey begins now!

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