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Hashtags for selling feet pics

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Released: September 2021
Many foot models are on social media and want to reach their fans. We have the best working hashtags for selling foot pics. We'll also give you a few tips…

Inquiring Mind of footmodels want to know


What are the best triggering hashtags to market your footfetish images on social media

Well, first you should put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Literally. Many peoples are looking for footmodels with great content on social media and find a flood of entries with thousands of pictures. No matter whether TwitterInstagram or other social networks, there, there is a lot of free content out there.

The clue now is to be found as quickly as possible and not to be discovered after scrolling through for hours. It’s like being on page two of Google. If you are there, then you are dead. All you have to do is to set the appropriate hashtags for selling feet pics on all your postings in social media.

best hasthags for selling feet pics

The best hashtags for footmodels to sell feet pics

#highheels #heels #killerheels #tachi #tacchialti #lovenails #prettynails #pedicure #nails #prettyfeet #prettytoes #nailart #feetnation #lovefeet #barefeet #toes #feeteverywhere #perfectfeet #footlove #foot #feet #instafeet #footmodel #feetstagram #beautifulfeet #pies #pés #pésfemininos #pés #footfetishnation #feetlovers #flipflops #pesfemininos #pezinhos #havaianasincoming #kiss #feminity #portrait #barefootportrait #softness #piedsnus #barefoot #feetart #legs #higharch #teamprettyfeet #france #sensuality #bellepiedsnusdid

Are you looking for more hashtags? Let’s check out Top-Hashtags.com

There are many more hashtags that can be used by footmodels to promote social media content

For example, it can make sense to use the same word in different languages. Most people will search in their own language. There are lovers all over the world and so besides English, Spanish, French or German hashtags are also interesting.

#fussmodel # footmodel #modelodepie #sohlen #soles #plantadelpie #füsse #feet #pies

It’s important to use some of this hashtags on all your postings, because you have to earn organic Instagram followers. If you use different hashtags for selling feet pics then you will also be more successful. As a special tactic, you can often see that these hastags are posted in the comments and not below and inside of your Posting itself. Apparently the algorithm of Instagram also reacts very well if you place your hashtags under your post as your own comment. So it might be worth trying out and experimenting a little with different tactics.

What Keywords Footmodels realy often use

hastags for selling feet pics

Our featured footmodel Stephanie Mason also draws attention to itself in many social media. She also uses the most popular hashtags and uses them skillfully. You can check out her latest posts on Instagram with very effective keywords she inserted to her posts. This is a good example of the effective but sparing use of keywords and hashtags.

#footmodel #feet #thepose #footgodess #barefeet #instafemdom #femdomme #instafeet

If you want to find out which keywords are currently used by models to sell footfetish pics, just visit Instagram and use the search function  or use the following Link-> footmodels.

You have more Questions about selling and promote feet pics

How to sell feet pics via instagram

Thats is quite easy. Create an account on Instagram and get started. Choose a suitable profile picture and write a few lines in your bio. It is important to leave a link there where customers can purchase your content. We currently advise against direct purchase offers in the postings. Instagram doesn’t like it that much anymore, even if officially bare feet don’t violate community guidelines. Many accounts have already been deleted because of all too revealing and advertising. We were also affected by it in 2021. You should also keep in mind that some hashtags are hidden by Instagram. So, posts with these hashtags will become similar to a shadowban and will be hidden for everyone or specific groups.

How to sell feet pictures without getting scammed

To be honest, it’s not safe. Unless you just stick to a few rules and keep them in your mind. We have already written about this in an earlier post How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics and you can read all about this. We can still highly recommend you to join Feetfinder. There you currently get the best offer to sell your feet pics safely and not getting ripped off. We have already written about this in our blog post, sell footfetish pictures on feetfinder.


So it’s important to use the right hashtags. Up to 5 different ones are recommended for each posting. It all depends on a good mix. Do not only use the well-known and large hashtags, but also rather unknown ones (with 10k to 50k usage). You can quickly find out which hashtags are best works for you, as you will be more or less successful with them.

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