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How to sell feet pictures Part 2

We tell you how to make money selling feet pics. Start your own foot fetish online business! Read how to do this successful.

Part two it’s about selling and promoting your footfetish content

In the first part we have already explained in detail how you can create your own #footfetish pictures. Now it’s about selling and promoting your content. It’s Time to learn How to sell feet pictures. You must be at least 18 years old to do this. Here we go.

Many possibilities to sell feet pictures

The selection on the Internet is very large and you first have to find out about all the options. There are so many providers that are focused on selling foot fetish pictures. For example, there is the FeetFinder Website, where you can offer your feet pictures. You can easily create a profile there and do the age verification. Then upload your pictures, set a price and the dollar bills can come. It’s pretty easy, but it’s also safe because only verified buyers and sellers are allowed there on this platform. FeetFinder has been online since 2020 and it is really a good way for selling #footfetish pictures. You can read more about on our Blog entry Sell footfetish pictures on Feetfinder.

There are many morre options to sell feet pictures

Another possibility are the countless footfetish #community that are on Discord. All you have to do is Download free Discord App and join the relevant channels. There are many well-known models on this app, but of course there are also many foot lovers who are willing to buy pictures. For the video sector there are also a lot of offers on the net. Simply enter the search terms footfetish or #footmodel in the app search. The selection of channels is huge here. The app is also available for PC, Android and iPhone. So let’s dive in.

If your #footfetish business is growing very strongly, you can think about your own website and shop. But that would not be an option to start with. Stay focused and start with the simpler ideas.

Usefull links to Websites for selling footfetish content

  • DeviantArt Upload, sell and share your Pics
  • OnlyFans Sign up to make money and interact with your fans
  • InstaFeet allows anyone to connect with admirers of their feet and get paid for access to exclusive content
  • Reddit Footfetish a network of communities based on people’s interests.

Now it’S Time for some Advertising for selling Feet Pic’s

Here we have hints for #advertising options and platforms for you. We use the most of them ourselves and can highly recommend them. Of course, it’s your decision, but you ha’ve to put in a lot of time  in advertising. But no one has ever said that you can make #money while you sleep.


The options on Facebook are also diverse. It is best to join private groups on the subject of foot fetish. Here you can find connections quickly. You can also set up your own #community or open your own Facebook page. But also note the code of conduct regarding nudity.


Create a new Instagram account with an appealing footfetish profile photo. Post free content regularly and use #hashtags. Follow other #footmodels and photographers. Comment on their posts to get attention. Follow Instagram’s strict rules about nudity.


Twitter is the most favorite when it comes to explicit content. So you can go full throttle here. To connect, follow and share content from others to draw attention to you in the #footfetish community. Here you will also find numerous potential customers and fans for selling pictures.


Tumblr is now much more strict when it comes to explicit content, but is still used by many users. So here you can also distribute good content for advertising. The advantage is that you can link your accounts and thus post content on many channels at the same time.

Footfetish Websites and Communitys

The smartest Way to promote your stuff

If you look around the internet there are many websites of #footfetish photographers and bloggers. These sometimes offer the possibility that models are listed on your website. A blog post on a well-visited foot fetish website is a very good way to reach many potential customers and become more famous. We’re featuring some Footfetish Models and Artists on our website and thus increase their visibility on the Internet. Thats the Way “How to sell feet pictures”.

Get featured at Feetrecords.com

At Feetrecords.com you also have this option and can be added to our featured model file. All you need is some information and pictures that we will present to your fans and those who want to be. This offer is completely free for all Amateur and semi professionell #footmodels and #artists. Let’s check out here and become a Footmodel on Feetrecords.com

footfetish pictures

Connect yourself with other people interested in foot fetish

The Footfetish Community is very active on the World wide Web, so there are still countless sites such as Wu’s FeetLinks or The MousePad. Here you can participate in the forum or offer free galleries as teasers for your fans. They have a very large reach with many visitors and are therefore highly recommended.

Some fans are photographers themselves and don’t just buy pictures. Other also pay for #footmodels and book them for shootings. One example is The Kingdom Modeling, which we have already presented on our website. So it’s definitely worth a look!

As you can see, it is quite a piece of work. In addition to just creating your pictures, marketing is an essential part. But there are a few rules that you should always follow.

Important Rules you should now

  • Make sure not to use your real name / Think about a sonorous pseudonym
  • don’t give anyone your private phone number or adress
  • be friendly but be determined on your goals / stay focused
  • Foot models in self-publishing work exclusively on advance payment
  • only post pictures that are allowed in the respective community
  • use payment methods that do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your data

So don’t be a fool. You can safely ignore inquiries like “Send a picture first, then there will be payment”. These kind of people just want to rip you off and scam you. Just block people like that, he wouldn’t have become a customer anyway. It will always happen that fraudsters try to wrap you up. That is why it is just as important to act accordingly. When someone writes to you and shows inappropriate behavior. Block them!. If someone suggests you any strange money deals. Block them too! Don’t waste your time and stay focused to your goals.

Conclusion of How to sell feet pictures

So if you spend a bit of time on the topic, you can achieve a lot and earn a dollar or two from it. Very few people get really rich with it. So don’t be too stubborn, take it easy and, above all, have fun. So don’t think that you will soon be able to quit your job. What we can promise you is that you will have a lot of fun when you are part of the footfetish community.

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