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The Kingdom Modeling

Behind The Kingdom Modeling stands a Houston-based photographer who specializes in footfetish. He also offers services and hire footmodels from anywhere.

Create your Footfetish Kingdom

a Houston-based Footfetish Start up

The Kingdom Modeling

The Kingdom Modeling

Photographer & Content-Creator

I am a Houston based photographer, but I am fully open to working with models from anywhere! Experienced or new, I would love to work with You! I had this idea to bring art into the Foot Fetish Community, Making it as artistic and unique as I can, while still leaving the fetish aspect intact.

At first it started as a small community known as “Foot Fetish Kingdom”, A community where anyone and everyone with the same general interest could hang out and feel welcome and share what they love.

I started asking friends if I could interest them in a small photoshoot with different shoes and nail polish. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to say yes at first, but soon enough I had a small handful of lovely models to help me out! The Kingdom Modeling was an idea that was being thrown around for a while in the back of my mind. I created “The Kingdom Modeling” on Instagram to try and gain a bit more of an audience for my photography.

The Models of the Realm

The Kingdom Modeling

Footmodel Rachel

She is my first model and I love working with her. We often do outdoor shoots when we meet us to take pictures. Her feet are really wonderful and inspire me to take new creative photos again and again. I use relatively simple equipment for my pictures. For me, the idea and the result count in the end. With Rachel I have a best model for it and she is a real queen in my realm.

The Kingdom Modeling

Footmodel Emily

She’s realy cute and has beautiful tiny feet. Work with her is very exciting and playful. You couldn’t really wish for that anymore.

The Kingdom Modeling

Footmodel Kay

On first Time i shoot with Kay, we do a lil bit of kinky things. Being creative and doing new things is really fun with her.

A Kingdom for all Footlovers

Exclusive featured by Feetrecords Magazine

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We at Feetrecords have been connected to The Kindom Modeling since the beginning of 2020. He wrote an article about himself and his work for our most famous Footfetish Magazine. So if you want to read more about The Kingdom Modeling and get some great pictures in print, get a copy of this Footfetish Magazine.

The mag is available as a digital e-paper, so-called e-zine and as a print version. If you like more tangible content, this is the one for you.

Feetrecords Magazine Cover
Feetrecords Magazine the Kingdom Modeling

Feetrecords Magazine March 2020

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