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Feetrecords Magazine March 2020

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Released: March 2020
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Feetrecords Magazine March 2020

The brand new Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine March 2020 is now available. News, informations and a lot of awesome footfetish content. So lets have a look.

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The Story behind Feetrecords Magazine March 2020

Acquire a unique collectible for foot lovers

Introducing Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine, your eagerly awaited publication that keeps its promise of delivering exceptional content multiple times a year. Our journey began with the debut of our first digital edition in December 2019, a moment that resonated deeply with our readers and propelled us forward. Determined to exceed expectations, we present this exclusive bonus edition, brimming with over 22 pages of captivating footfetish material.

Within these pages, you’ll find a plethora of enthralling footfetish imagery, complemented by compelling narratives, news updates, and engaging features. Notably, the spotlight remains on the resounding success of the condom feet challenge, a phenomenon that continues to captivate footfetish enthusiasts. This edition showcases an elaborate two-sided spread dedicated to this challenge, catering not only to rubber aficionados but also to those who appreciate the innovation that marked one of the standout footfetish series of 2019. You want to know more about our Challenges? Here you can find an overview to all our Condom Feet Challenges. In the meantime, we have also started other challenges that deal with foot fetish-related topics.

What awaits you inside the Feetrecords Magagzine

  • Exclusive Interviews with Footmodels
  • Insightful Updates from the Footfetish World
  • Compelling Footfetish Stories
  • Showcasing Talented Artists and Footmodels
  • Thought-Provoking Articles by Guest Writers
  • An Abundance of Alluring Foot Photography
  • Full-Size Collectible Posters

Every page of this magazine has been carefully curated to offer an abundance of captivating content. We’ve poured our creativity into every aspect, from a myriad of images to collectible posters that will delight and inspire. The digital version of the Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine is now available for download on our official website at an incredibly affordable price. For those who appreciate the tactile experience, a printed version could also be purchased from the Blurb BOOK STORE for a small fee. We currently no longer offer this. However, there are other exclusive magazines on our website that are available as print versions. Every purchase contributes directly to the creation of more content and the remuneration of our dedicated models. Join us in supporting this project by securing your copy of the foot fetish magazine today.

Spotlight on “The Kingdom Modeling”

As an exceptional feature, we proudly introduce our collaboration with The Kingdom Modeling, a US-based footfetish photography startup hailing from Houston, Texas. Behind this venture stands a visionary photographer who captures the essence of footmodels, creating distinctive and captivating visuals. Exclusively for this magazine, we’ve included a selection of complimentary footfetish images that showcase their unique perspective. Additionally, insights into their creative process and approach are shared within these pages. For a deeper dive into The Kingdom Modeling, explore their presence on Twitter.

Appreciation and Gratitude to all Fans

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every individual who contributes to the success and vitality of this project. From the passionate footfetish community to the loyal fans who invest in our content, your support fuels our progress. We recognize those who actively share, comment, and promote our offerings online, as well as the dedicated footmodels who bring our visions to life. Together, we build a thriving space for footfetish enthusiasts.

1 review for Feetrecords Magazine March 2020

  1. Nguyen

    Small but very sexy pictures inside. I like Footmodel Jenny, because iam asian too.

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