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Paul Erlandson is a visual artist renowned for his masterful oil paintings that capture the essence of feet

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Name: Paul Erlandson
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Feb 2024
Sacrifice and Glory by Erlandson


Location: Detroit, Michigan USA
Profesion: Artist

Booking & Buying

Website: Paul Erlandson Art
External Shop: RedBubble

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Pre-made Artworks like Postcards, Paintings and commissions

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Instagram: @paulerlandsonart
Facebook: Paul Erlandson Art

About me, Paul Erlandson

As a visual #artist, I am passionate about capturing the essence of life through the vibrant medium of oil paintings. My name is Paul Erlandson, and I invite you to embark on a journey through my captivating artworks that evoke emotions and stir the imagination.

With each brushstroke, I strive to breathe life into my canvases, infusing them with depth, emotion, and a sense of timeless beauty. My portfolio showcases a diverse range of subjects, from breathtaking colored cars to intimate portraits of beautiful feet, each meticulously crafted to convey a unique story and evoke a profound connection with the viewer.

Featured Models on my Artworks

Take a glimpse into my artistic world through the samples attached, offering just a glimpse of the depth and detail present in my creations. These paintings are not mere compositions; they are windows into moments frozen in time, inviting you to explore, reflect, and experience the world from a new perspective. These images showcase renowned foot models, some of whom are prominently #featured on Feetrecords. Among them is the Footmodel Lezlyan, whose exquisite feet have been immortalized in several artworks.

Beyond the originals, I also offer high-class prints of my artwork, ensuring that the beauty and elegance of my pieces can grace any space, whether it be a home, office, or gallery. You can find these prints and more on my website, where my ever-growing collection awaits your discovery: www.paulerlandsonart.com

Examples of my Artworks

Discover the allure of foot fetish art with these captivating free images featuring models Elza from Swan Feet, Lezlyan (featured by Feetrecords), and the High Arch Queen Milah, proudly presented. Dive into a world where elegance meets sensuality as these models showcase their exquisite feet, each possessing a unique charm and captivating allure. Whether you’re an admirer of delicate arches, beautiful high heels, or graceful curves, our collection promises to indulge your senses and ignite your imagination. Immerse yourself in the beauty of foot artistry and explore the endless possibilities of desire with this stunning free pics.

Commissions and custom made Artworks

For those seeking bespoke artwork tailored to their unique vision and preferences, I am delighted to accept commissions. Whether you desire a personalized portrait, a custom nudes, or any other subject close to your heart, I am dedicated to bringing your artistic dreams to life. Reach out to me through my website or via email at to discuss your ideas and commission a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Connect with me on social media to stay updated on my latest works, upcoming exhibitions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into my creative process. Follow me on Instagram @paulerlandsonart and like my Facebook page Paul Erlandson Art.

Additionally, for those looking to adorn their lives with a touch of artistic flair, I offer a selection of reproductions of my artwork through my RedBubble store. Explore a variety of products, from clothing to home decor, adorned with my captivating designs, available at RedBubble.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. Together, let us explore the boundless possibilities of creativity and imagination, one brushstroke at a time.

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