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Adam orchestrates a symphony of creativity that transcends conventional boundaries. We here at Feetrecords would like to introduce you to Adam and his work and feature him directly here.

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Name: Adam Studios
Type: Photographer and Artist
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Nov 2023
Adma Studios REDBOOK Magazine


Location: N.Y. USA
Profesion: Photographer

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Website: @admastudios
External Shop: redlightlounge

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Magazines, specialized photography and videography

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Instagram: admastudiosphotography


Embark on a visual odyssey as we step into the captivating world of Adam Walker, a prolific photographer hailing from New York, the City of Arts. Through the lens of Adma Studios, his vanilla photography brand, and the daring Red Light Lounge, Adam orchestrates a symphony of creativity that transcends conventional boundaries. We here at Feetrecords would like to introduce you to Adam and his work and feature him directly here.

To give you a good insight, we conducted a short interview with the #featured artist Adam Walker. In this exclusive interview, Adam shares his passion for pushing artistic frontiers, particularly through the lens of REDBOOK Magazine – a project that redefines the realm of adult content creation. From foot photography to collaborative initiatives that extend beyond the visual spectrum, the Red Light Lounge becomes a haven for those who seek to explore the intersection of sensuality and art.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we delve into the nuances of Adam’s vision, the unique offerings of Red Light Lounge, and the distinctive charm of REDBOOK Magazine. The fusion of creativity, collaboration, and a touch of daring elegance awaits—proving that art knows no confines. Stay tuned for a glimpse into the realm where every click of the camera tells a story, and where the Red Light Lounge beckons artists to unravel their most expressive selves.

The Artist and Photographer Adam Walker

Diving into the vibrant world of photography, we sat down with the talented Adam Walker, a visionary artist hailing from Upstate New York. Adam is the creative force behind Adam Studios, his vanilla photography brand, and the intriguing Red Light Lounge. Thats a project that caters specifically to the 18+ audience. In our conversation, Adam shared insights into his unique projects, particularly the production of REDBOOK Magazine, a platform that collaborates with various adult content creators.

The Interview with Photographer Adam Walker

Feetrecords: Can you tell us more about Adma Studios and the Red Light Lounge?

Adam Walker: Adma Studios is my primary venture into vanilla photography, capturing moments that range from the ordinary to the extraordinary. On the other hand, the Red Light Lounge is where things take a more daring turn. It’s our 18+ studio that curates content for REDBOOK Magazine, an exciting project that brings together adult content creators in a collaborative space.

Feetrecords: What sets REDBOOK Magazine apart from other adult publications?

Adam Walker: REDBOOK Magazine stands out by focusing on a niche that not many explore—the world of foot photography. We have a unique emphasis on foot creators, offering specialized photography and videography sessions tailored to showcase this distinctive form of art. It’s a space where creativity meets sensuality. Similar to the Feetrecords foot fetish magazines, these are also available in digital and printed form.

Feetrecords: How does Red Light Lounge support adult creators in their artistic journey?

Adam Walker: At Red Light Lounge, we understand the importance of comprehensive support for adult creators. Our collaboration extends beyond just photography services; we offer video editing services and actively engage in cross-promoting fellow artists. The inclusion of hair and makeup artists in THE GLAM ROOM beauty boutique ensures that adult creators receive the same high-quality beauty services that models are accustomed to.

Feetrecords: How can artists get involved with REDBOOK Magazine?

Adam Walker: We encourage artists to explore the opportunity to share their work through REDBOOK Magazine. Premade magazines are available, and we even create special editions tailored to an artist’s adult persona. It’s a platform designed for artists to connect, collaborate, and showcase their unique perspectives.

Feetrecords: How can interested individuals reach out or learn more about Red Light Lounge and REDBOOK Magazine?

Adam Walker: The best way to connect with us is through our Linktree: Red Light Lounge Linktree. Here, you’ll find all the essential links to our various offerings, making it easy for artists and enthusiasts to explore what we have to offer.

Feetrecords supports artist

We think this is a short and exciting interview that makes you want to explore Adam Walker’s work. We at Feetrecords support it and hope you find it interesting. By the way, if you are an #artist , #photographer or even a model yourself, you can also get featured here on our website.

Some Previews of the Redbook created by Adma Studios

A few words to conclude

As Adam continues to carve his path in the photography world, the Red Light Lounge stands as a testament to the diverse and inclusive nature of artistic expression. Explore the unconventional, celebrate creativity, and discover the alluring world of REDBOOK Magazine. We recommend the following links to find out more about Adma Studio and Adam Walker’s projects and content. It should be mentioned that Adam is also available under his label on FeetFinder and OnlyFans and sells selected content there. Also be sure to check out his Instagram red.light.lounge and discover his artistic content.

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Adma Studios

Adma Studios

Adam orchestrates a symphony of creativity that transcends conventional boundaries. We here at Feetrecords would like to introduce you to Adam and his work and feature him directly here.


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