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Footmodel Lezlyan

Footmodel Lezlyan is an artist, jeweler, photographer and dancer

Official Set Card Footmodel Lezlyan

Name: Lezlyan
Type: Footmodel
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Feb 2023
Footmodel Leslyan


Location: Canada
Age: 48
Footsize: 5 US
Profesion: Artist and Jeweler

Booking & Buying

Website: AllmyLinks
External Shop: OnlyFans

Available Offers:

Customized content available upon request

Social Media

Twitter: lalittlefeet
Instagram: la_lezlyan
Facebook: L-A Jewelry and Designs

Pretty High Arches of Lezlyan

Welcome to the creative mind of Lezlyan. #footmodel Lezlyan is an artist, jeweler, photographer and dancer. She’s our new #featured #footmodel addition this year and we’re really looking forward to her content. As expected we have some preview pictures ready for you and also invite you to visit her social media pages to get more of her sexy feet and soles.

Lezlyan is an Jeweler Artist

Lezlyan isn’t in business for just one reason. In addition to excellent image material, it also offers special jewelery that mainly deals with the subject of feet. Interested parties can go to their Instagram and see some of the pieces.

As a creative mind, she does a lot of interesting things and I’m sure she’ll find a lot of fans. We find her wonderfully curved feet particularly beautiful. She is very talented and puts her pretty feet in the limelight in the pictures.

Pretty feet, toes and high arches

What do you say about her pretty feet? Of course we will also post some pictures on our Instagram or Facebook. There you are welcome to discuss Lezlyan pictures with us. So be invited and enjoy these great pictures. So you should check out both of their accounts on Instagram. At first her feet and arches related Account and her Jewelry Account la artistic jewelry.

Free Gallery featuring Footmodel Lezlyan

Now it’s your turn

As one of our footmodels that we would like to present here on the website, we strongly recommend you to visit Lezlyan pages. You can get in touch with her there for business inquiries and offers. We only mention that you should behave like gentlemen.

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