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Footmodel JennyFeet84

Sexy asian Footmodel JennyFeet84 offering photosession and is selling customized high quality private pictures for generous footfetish fans.

Sexy Asian Footmodel Jenny

We have been accompanying Jenny in her career as a foot model for several years. She comes from Manila and currently lives and works in Europe. She is a very passionate model and extremely popular with her fans. We are proud to present JennyFeet84 to us as our featured model. In the meantime, we have pimped Jenny into one of our exclusive models in 2022, as we work with her a lot. Read all about her right here and enjoy the countless free pictures with her sexy filipino feet. In addition to some information about Jenny, we have a Free footfetish Gallery section  for you. Additionally, Jenny is also interviewed in our very popular footfetish magazine issue March 2020 issue of Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine.

About Jenny, the asian Footmodel

Jenny aka JennyFeet84

Jenny aka JennyFeet84

Footmodel, independently

Hello, i am Jenny from the Philippines!

First of all welcome to this page that as you can see it is dedictaed to the beauty of (my) feet!!! For some of you this may be very strange as it was also initially for me very weird. However over time I discovered that my feet attracted a lot of attention. Someone asked me: why dont you take pictures and share them!!??
It was really funny when going out letting my flip flops falling down to the floor and then having guys looking obsessively to my bare feet and when moving my feet under the table they always seemed to be already in cloud 9 and very distracted.

My Footfetish Fans

Many men get extremely aroused simply looking at my feet. I love that and to see my power and I have had a number of profesional experiences. That are still not over yet and many are coming. So i am delighted to check for how long my feet will be powerful on men?? I am not a teen anymore since I am already 35, my feet size is 37 and I have long toes and rather wide balls. I love to wear sexy high heels and partying a lot…my favourite shoes are Louboutin and i have a remarkable collection!

I hope you will enjoy my rather amatorial photos!!!
For those of you who are new to this then welcome to this world without tabu!!!!

get in touch with Jenny

She continuously produces new content and publishes it on her DeviantArt website. If you are a fan or want to become one, you should definitely follow her there. There is a regular update and great pictures of her beautiful and sexy Filipino feet.

Jenny offers a lot of high quality content:

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Some free Feet Picture Freebie’s for her Fans

Sexy Free Asian Feet Gallery made by Jenny

For all her Fans we recommend the Free Footfetish Gallery right here at Feetrecords.com. There you can find a lot more free foot fetish pictures from her past picture sets she made for us. We hope you enjoy them.