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Arabian Footmodel Habibila

Feetrecords presents Arabian Footmodel Habibila. She has beautiful tiny soles and is a realy cute girl from the middle east.

Official Set Card Arabian Footmodel Habibila

Name: Habibila
Type: Footmodel
Member Status: Exclusive
Updated: Nov 2023
Habibila Arabian Foot Model


Location: Germany
Age: 38
Footsize: 35 EU / 4.5 US
Profesion: Freelancer

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Introducing Our Exclusive Arabic Footmodel: Habibila

Step into the mesmerizing universe of Habibila, an exclusive arabian footmodel poised to redefine foot fetish and style in the realm of middle eastern footmodels. Proudly represented by FeetRecords, Habibila with her tiny sexy feet brings a unique blend of grace, charm, and an unmistakable flair to the world of foot modeling.

Meet Habibila the arabian footmodel

Habibila is a slender and petite #footmodel with roots in the heart of the Arab world. Her dainty feet, elegantly sized at 35, epitomize grace and sophistication. Each step she takes is a poetic dance, captivating audiences with the allure of her petite and perfectly proportioned feet. Her Feet are very small and her Toes are such a seductive sight you can’t resist. Habibila is a true arabian foot model and we have some pictures of her beautiful soles right here exclusive on Feetreocrds.

The Delicate Allure of her soles

Habibila’s small and delicate feet possess an inherent charm that transcends cultural boundaries. Her slender arches and graceful toes create a visual fireworks, establishing her as a sought-after presence in the world of foot modeling. Her petite size 35 EU / 4.5 US feet serve as a canvas for artistic expression and beauty. So we took the chance and included this flower in our reportoure of exclusive foot models.

A short Interview with Arabian Footmodel Habibila

We met Habibila at a hotel in the city and spoke to her before we started our short photo shoot. Here are a few passages from this conversation, as well as a few pictures of her really breathtaking little feet.

FeetRecords: Habibila, could you share with us what inspired you to venture into foot modeling?

Habibila: Absolutely! I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and expressiveness of feet. They are unique, and I believe they tell a story of their own. Foot modeling allows me to showcase the art of seduction that can be found in every step. My little feet have always been very popular, so I use them and like to show them off.

FeetRecords: Your petite size 35 US feet are truly enchanting. How do you see your feet and what you like the most on them?

Habibila: Thank you! I see my feet as a canvas for expression, much like a dancer views their body. The curves, lines, and details in each step tell a story of grace and beauty. It’s about celebrating the uniqueness of every foot and and make them worship. By the way, my fans like my pretty big toe the most because it’s nice to suck on.

Exclusive Representation

FeetRecords proudly holds the exclusive representation for Habibila, ensuring that her unique talent and captivating beauty are showcased to the world in the most exceptional manner. As a member of our exclusive footmodel roster, the arabian footmodel Habibila with her lil tiny feets stands as a symbol of sophistication and diversity in the realm of foot modeling. To underline her beauty and convince you, here are a few more #exclusive foot fetish pictures. She shows what she has to offer and we hope these pictures give you a glimpse of her talented arabian feet.

Connect with Habibila our arabian Footmodel

Embark on Habibila’s journey with FeetRecords and witness the kinkness of her petite arabian feet unfold. Stay tuned for exclusive content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and a front-row seat to the enchanting world of foot fetish modeling with Habibi LaXS.

For Bookings and Collaborations

For inquiries, bookings, or collaboration opportunities with Habibila, please reach out to Feetrecords, because she offers custom made content for her fans. Experience the magic of small-sized elegance with Habibila’s petite arbian feet, where every step is a dance, and every footprint is a work of art! So if you like arabian footmodels and small feet, then you’ve come to the right place. We drop some pics on our Feetrecords Facebook Page and also on the Feetrecords Foot Fetish Forum

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