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Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine #2 *Download*

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Released: March 2022
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Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine #2 *Download*

The Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine Issue #2 is finally here (download Edition). Get the new footfetish magazine now with lots of large-format erotic barefoot pictures. A real treat for footfetish lovers and truly unique in the footfetish scene.


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The Story behind Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine #2 *Download*

Here comes issue number 2 of our Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine (download Edition). We thought long and hard about what content to include this time. The pandemic also set us back a bit and we couldn’t take as many picture sets as we had planned. So we ended up taking eight different series of pictures from the last few months, which have now made it into our footfetish magazine. All these Pics are available at our Footfetish Shop here at Feeterecords too.

A digital footfetish magazine with amazing foot pics

We also decided to create fewer texts for this edition and dont tryt to entertain you with a lot of reading material. We’ve packed the magazine to the brim with pictures and posters of exciting feet, sexy soles and pretty little toes. So you can trust us, exciting entertainment is guaranteed. In addition to the picture sets with BlaqCat, there is also exclusive photo material from our series “Footfetish Exposed”. Our fans already know that. We show pictures there that we post on the social media channels and also publish here on the website as free galleries. We can also recommend ordering the printed version of the current issue of the magazine. High Quality Printed on glossy paper, our footfetish pictures look even better than on the screen.

Almost 40 pages of large format foot fetish pictures

As mentioned, there are eight picture sets in the issue, each of which we have supplemented with a full-page poster. All show the best pictures and are of high quality and really a treat for foot fetish enthusiasts.
The following sets are included:

Special Footmodel guests are on board again

Stephanie Mason spend a full size Poster for her Fans

Of course, our featured models should not be missing. Stephanie Mason is donating a full-page poster featuring one of her most iconic images for this issue. But we won’t tell you too much. It’s best if you get the magazine and see for yourself. The photo is iconic and you won’t get it out of your head. For more about Footmodel Stephanie Mason check her free footfetish galerie and visit her Twitter Account.

Footmodel Jenny show us some High Heel Pictures

Let’s put it this way, Footmodel Jenny stands for excellent content. In the meantime we regularly receive pictures from her to promote her and upgrade her to a Exclusive Footmodel at Feetrecords. For this issue we have put a couple of nice looking high heel photos of her into the new magazine, also in large format. If you want to see more just visit Jenny at her DeviantArt. Feetrecords is also at DeviantArt and provides content for foot lovers. So take a look.

Inside the Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine additionally there are awesome pictures of Footmodel Pearl and a larger amount of pictures from the Footfetish Pandemic Set. So there should be more than 80 pictures in total that you will find in the current issue.

3 reviews for Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine #2 *Download*

  1. Jason B.

    I got it now. If it’s cool, I’ll get the printed version. It’s very rare to get something like that.

  2. Prep76 (verified owner)

    Large number of images, most of one model. Very good quality I’m a fan.

  3. Ferdinand (verified owner)

    This is so amazing. So many pictures of beautiful feet and soles. Thank you

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