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High Heels for Feetlovers

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BlaqCat, Exclusive

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High Heels for Feetlovers

Footmodel BlaqCat show us her sexy Feet in red platform High Heels for Feetlovers. She has wonderful erotic soles. You just want to kiss and lick her feet and suck on her toes. The photo set shows a lot of stuff for high heel lovers, but also lots of soles, toes and the pear-shaped round bottom of our footmodel.

Released: November 2021


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The Story behind High Heels for Feetlovers

We are always looking for beautiful High Heels and other footfetish clothing for our photo sessions. We struck gold on some profiles on Instagram and found this pretty kind of high heels sandals that are very popular with many foot lovers. Our foot model BlaqCat was also enthusiastic about these sexy high heels. She realy likes them optically. But she also says that you need a lot of practice to walk in them because they are pretty shaky and excessive high arched. Anyway, we think thats are very cool high heels for foot lovers. Just by the way, it should be mentioned that we can also admire a skinny legging on BlaqCats’ pear-shaped, round rump. The pictures will blow your mind. We promise you that.

Platform high heels sandals that shows you everything

Often we are bothered by some high heels that they have upsetting straps or that they cover something because they are closed. So if you’re a footfetishist and see girls in sexy shoes, they just don’t show enough feet. Quite different with this red ones. Thats some beautiful platform sandals high heels and only have one strap at the top between the big toes, just like ordinary flip flops. In this way they show a lot of foot and you can especially examine all toes and arched heels. So we went looking in various online shops and luckily we were able to find some of these sexy shoes.

Sexy Red High Heels for Feetlovers

The pictures have turned out really well and complement our high heels brand in our shop for footfetish fans. The set also includes a couple of bonus gifs and two short videos with high heel dangle and soles closeup . In a nutshell, it’s an unbeatable offering with loads of content (more than 80 pictures). If you like this footfetish pictures, have a look at BlaqCat’s profile page here at Feetrecords. You can also follow her on Twitter. There are often exclusive and private pictures of her sexy feet and with these special sandals too, of course..

High heels pictures also available on Feetfinder

Our foot model BlaqCat has also been signed up on Feetfinder for a few weeks. So you can also buy some of the best pictures from the beautiful foot fetish photo set there. So be sure to stop by there. Here ist the Link to Footmodel BlaqCat at Feetfinder.

About Footmodel BlaqCat

Thats me, Footmodel BlaqCat from Germany.

I have been an enthusiastic foot fetish model for many years. I am known as Footmodel BlaqCat and part of the Feetrecords Crew. Many guys love my feet, especially my sexy soles. Of course I have a lot of fun showing my feet, teasing guys with them and making money with its also awesome. I love buying pretty high heels or sexy clothes like leggings and thongs. I hope you like my pictures too and enjoy them. You can visit me on my Twitter or my brand new FeetFinder Account. So if you want to become a loyal fan, check my Profil Page here at Feetrecords and read more about me and my work. You want to buy custom Stuff? Lets check out the Custom Footfetish Content page.

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  1. Yanex76

    These are very hot feet and this gorgeous butt is amazing. Thank you

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