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Lets check our exclusive Footmodel BlaqCat. See some free footfetish Picture Galleries with her awesome sexy feet, soles and toes.

Official Set Card Footmodel BlaqCat

Name: BlaqCat
Type: Footmodel
Member Status: Exclusive
Updated: Dec 2023
Candid Soles footfetish exposed BlaqCat


Location: Germany
Age: 46
Footsize: 39 EU
Profesion: Freelancer

Booking & Buying

Website: Feetrecords
OnlyFans: BlaqCat77
Feetrecords Shop: view Items
External Shop: Feetfinder

Available Offers:

Pre-made, Custom, Pictures, Video, worn Items

Social Media

Twitter: @BlaqCat
Instagram: SockenElly77
Facebook: Feetrecords

Introduction of Footmodel BlaqCat

Hey there, foot lovers! I’m Footmodel BlaqCat, your favorite #footmodel, and I want to take a moment to introduce myself properly. Originally hailing from the enchanting landscapes of North-East Germany, my roots and upbringing have instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and a love for expressing myself through art.

With my shoe size being 39 EU, and my long, flowing black hair that mirrors the midnight sky, I’ve got a captivating look that’s uniquely mine. You can often find me embracing my love for fashion, especially when it comes to leggings and high heels, as they perfectly accentuate the elegance of my #legs and, of course, my #feet.

One of my greatest pleasures is showcasing the allure of my feet, and I am truly humbled by the unwavering support and admiration from my fans, who especially love the glimpse of my mesmerizing soles. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that my passion for foot modeling brings joy to others and connects me with like-minded individuals who share the same fascination for the beauty of feet. Together, we’re embarking on a journey celebrating the art of foot fetish, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this wonderful footfetish community.

Feetrecords – A Special Bond

Feetrecords holds a special place in my heart; it’s not just any foot fetish community. In fact, I am one of the founding members and have been an active part of this amazing group for many years. We’ve been through countless photo sessions together, creating tons of captivating image and video material that celebrates the allure of feet.

Being a part of Feetrecords has been a fulfilling journey, and the camaraderie with fellow footmodels and fans alike makes it all the more special. We’re like a family that appreciates the art and beauty of feet, and it’s an incredible feeling to contribute to this unique community.

Support Footmodel BlaqCat with a Donation

You can support me with my own projects, which also benefits feetrecords. I am planning to purchase my own video equipment. I need a GoPro and a suitable tripod. That’s why I started a fundraiser at my own. I wholeheartedly appreciate your donation. It shows that you enjoy my work and motivates me to start new projects. I have many ideas and plans for exciting new projects. All funds from my campaign will go towards new video equipment like a GoPro9, a tripod for the new camera, backdrops, outfits, high heels and all general stuff that will help me with my new video project. I hope to find many nice supporters here and thank you in advance.

Footmodel BlaqCat
Footmodel BlaqCat

My Captivating Content

My content revolves around everything that makes my fans’ hearts race: stunning pictures capturing the intricate beauty of soles, the elegance of high heels, and the alluring allure of leggings. I pour my heart and soul into every photoshoot, ensuring that each image radiates a magnetic charm that foot enthusiasts crave.

Aside from being available on Feetrecords, my exclusive picture and video material can also be found on FeetFinder. There, I get to share even more enticing content that caters to the desires of my devoted fans. I also open op a OnlyFans Account, where you can follow me as OnlyFans/BlaqCat77.

FeetFinder Logo

Big loads of Footfetish Pics and vids at Feetrecords

All my picture sets featured by me, the #footmodel BlaqCat are available for instant download on our Footfetish shop at the Feetrecords website. You can see the thumbnail previews below and check out my latest content i’ve made. Just visit our shop galleries and check out all pre-made picture sets we offer. I have some excellent foot fetish pics for you. We publish at least one new footfetish picture set per month. I’am also available for custom footfetish pictures exclusive for my Fans who need some extra hot stuff.

A Glimpse of Footmodel BlaqCat Free Content

For those curious to explore my foot fetish world, I’ve prepared a small selection of pictures to showcase some of my finest work. However, if you want even more, I invite you to follow Feetrecords on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There, you’ll find an abundance of free foot fetish content from yours truly.

Moreover, if you have any specific ideas or fantasies you’d like to see come to life, I’m more than happy to create custom content for you. Just fill out the inquiry form, and we can collaborate on something truly special and personalized.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with me. Your support means the world, and I’m excited to continue delighting you with the beauty of feet! You can get even more great content here in the Free Foot Fetish Galleries on Feetrecords.

Thanks for being a Fan of my Feet

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and explore my world of #footfetish. Your support and appreciation mean everything to me, and I am genuinely grateful for each and every one of you. As we continue this captivating journey together, I promise to keep sharing the most enchanting and alluring aspects of my #feet, #soles, #highheels, and #leggings. Don’t forget to follow Feetrecords on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest free foot fetish content from me and my fellow footmodels.

If you ever have any ideas or fantasies you’d like to see come to life, don’t hesitate to reach out through the inquiry form and order custom footfetish content. Your desires inspire my creativity, and I’m always excited to collaborate on something special just for you.

Thank you again for being a part of this wonderful community. Let’s keep walking, celebrating the beauty and artistry of feet together. Until next time, take care of you and keep stepping to the beat of your own passions!

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