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Nylon and G-String

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Nylon and G-String

Nylon and G-String Pictures with the sexy cheeks by Footmodel BlaqCat. We bring them together for a insanely hot pantyhose picture series.

Released: October 2019


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The Story behind Nylon and G-String

With our models we work in a relaxed private atmosphere. Nevertheless, we always need some preparation. Checking the camera equipment and preparing the place where we wanna take pictures. This is just as important as choosing the right accessories. In this case it was very easy. We only needed some Nylon Tights, a G-String and a ready to use camera. We already have thousands of pictures made like this. You can easily buy and download them in our Footfetish Shop.

Thongs and Tights for footlovers

Typical for the most footlovers is that they do not just love feet. Many other fetishes are associated with it. These include especially nylon tights, pantyhoses and other related feet or leg clothings. Especially worn sexy lingerie plays a big role. Suitable for autumn season our Footmodel has BlaqCat also tights and some G-Strings in her luggage as she came to this photoshoot. These we have combined with her favorite blue thong and have created an absolutely insanely hot pantyhose picture series.

Nylon and G-String Set as a bundle

This set was created together with the Nylon Feet Pictures Set. You can get it as a package and get it cheaper. If you love tights and breathtaking sexy asses, you should definitely grab it. Check here the Nylon Feet & G-String Bundle. If you like our footfetish stuff, just follow us on our social media.

About Footmodel BlaqCat

Thats me, Footmodel BlaqCat from Germany.

I have been an enthusiastic foot fetish model for many years. I am known as Footmodel BlaqCat and part of the Feetrecords Crew. Many guys love my feet, especially my sexy soles. Of course I have a lot of fun showing my feet, teasing guys with them and making money with its also awesome. I love buying pretty high heels or sexy clothes like leggings and thongs. I hope you like my pictures too and enjoy them. You can visit me on my Twitter or my brand new FeetFinder Account. So if you want to become a loyal fan, check my Profil Page here at Feetrecords and read more about me and my work. You want to buy custom Stuff? Lets check out the Custom Footfetish Content page.

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  1. Cody

    Love this model. There are some good amateur pictures here.

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