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Footmodel Treatte

She is a gorgeous footmodel and has a huge fan base. Foot lovers should definitely take a look. She creates wonderful footfetish content.

Official Set Card Footmodel Treatte

Name: Treatte
Type: Footmodel
Member Status: Featured
Updated: Sep 2020
Footmodel Treatte


Location: USA
Age: unknown
Footsize: n/a

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Twitter: @Sayu_findom

Welcome naughty Footmodel Treatte

She’s a gorgeous Girl and joined us as Feetrecords “Featured Model” in 2019. Treatte is not just a Footmodel. She also offers many extra services. Footmodel Treatte is avialable on Twitter to all her Fans & Customers in this Footfetish World. She spend some exclusive and free footfetish pictures on this page below. We are happy to have her with us on our Feetrecords Project. That’s why she was also briefly featured in our 2020 Footfetish Magazine. Lets check it out.

Tell us more about you and your Footmodel career

Well, I’m a very passionate woman to be honest, whatever I do, I REALLY put my heart on it, and yes, that means I ALSO LIKE FEET myself. So I’m pretty sure I will bring to the table what you like to see.

I don’t know how personal you need me to get, but I’m fine saying I LOVE FOOD, I enjoy asian food the most, sweet and spicy all the way!

Im really excited get featured on feetrecords.com and starting my Footmodel business! So if you have questions for me, look at my pictures below and write to me at Twitter.

Footmodel Treatte

Check out the free footfetish gallery from kinky Treatte

Our Footmodel Treatte doesn’t need many words. We just let the pictures do the talking. See for yourself why she is one of our most popular foot models for a good reason.

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