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Candid Feet Pictures

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This topic is mainly for those who enjoy taking #candid pictures or videos of women’s #feet. We’re talking about pretty women’s feet and photos and videos that can be found in large numbers on the Internet under the synonym “candid feet”. We only really became aware of the topic since the BlaqCat photo set Candid Stinky Soles became much popular here on Feetrecords. The astonishing thing – that it doesn’t show any single classic #candid #feet photo. So let’s define whats about candid feet right here below.

What is about candid feet pictures

Actually, it is easy and briefly explained. Candid Feet means A person hiddenly photographs the feet of another person walking #barefoot in public. Especially in summer, or in countries where it’s somehow always summer, countless pretty women with their wonderful feet walk around outside and are #barefoot. Many foot fetish enthusiasts like it very much and not only Quentin Tarantino celebrates this in many of his famous films. Some foot lovers then usually secretly photograph these women and especially their #feet.

Is it legal ? We Want to know!

The big Question is: Are these women aware you are taking these photos? If you can answer this question with a clear YES, then everything will be fine. If the answer is NO, you should think about whether what you are doing is correct! In the most countries on the planet earth, it shouldn’t be #legal. It doesn’t matter whether you keep the picture for yourself or even share it on the internet. Even if the chance of getting caught is small. We should always respect each other. So be an open-minded person and prefer to ask the girl before. It’s better to be dumped than to be caught and exposed as a perverted peeper.

jOIN this topic at the MousepAD bOARD

By the way, there are countless discussions on this topic in the MousePad Footfetish Forum, where many people give their opinion. So feel free to check that out. We don’t want to play moral here, but it would be important for us to convey what is right and wrong without playing the I moral apostle. You can say anything (in most countries around the world), but you can’t do everything.

candid feet sample by Feetrecords
Candid feet picture of Kim Parish wearing Sandals

We talk with the Founder of Feetrecords about this Topic

I am fascinated by many pictures that were created this way. So I like to create picture sets look like they were created or photographed secretly or on hidden. Because sometimes I like the thought of seeing and touching the feet of a strange woman. So if you take that kind of photos, it could be a bit scary. I think many of us due to our own shame or guilt or just not knowing how people react will try the best to hide it and will actually in the process come across even weirder than if we are just open about what we are doing. So that would be my advice to you. If you liked candid feet photos, better make these photos in consultation with each other beforehand.

Havoc | Feetrecords.com Founder

Do it the right way to create Feet pics

We take this advice to heart, so it’s probably better to hire a model or ask a good friend for a candid photo. That’s probably better, otherwise you’ll end up in jail. If you’re spontaneously work around in your town with a friend or something similar, you should simply ask her if you could take a picture of her (hopefully) #pretty feet. In our experience, this often works quite well, even if at first there is a lack of understanding and many women find it unusual or even repulsive sometimes. Consider the experience when she agrees with a slightly kinky look to it and willingly shows you her sexy feet. This is way better than just secretly taking a photo with no real story behind it. So dare to ask.

Everyone has a high-quality smartphone and can certainly spontaneously create a few pretty pictures with the look of candid #feet pictures. So ask your girl, be polite and have fun. Having a foot #fetish isn’t a crime these days, even if it’s not entirely socially accepted.

Candid Feet Pictures for Footlovers with Footmodel BlaqCat
Footmodel BlaqCat relaxes outside and we take some candid feet pics of her.

What kind of candid Feet Pic’s we know

Well, there are many different preferences and variations here. Some prefer women who are completely #barefoot, others prefer #flipflops, socks or dirty feet. That list is as long as the phone book of Downtown Manhattan. For the sake of correctness, we want to mention that candid feet photos can not only be taken outside. Many pictures are also taken indoors. For example at the university in the lecture hall, in the canteen or simply at your best friend’s pool party. Foot lovers are very sensitive and often encounter openly shown #feet in their everyday life.

For all fans of candid footfetish here is our free gallery

Candid Feet Pictures and Videos are very popular

As you can see, this is a big topic within the foot fetish scene. For lovers of beautiful #feet it is an extra kick to look at pretty women in public. If she showing and teasing her seductive feet and soles, that’s a lucky moment and inspires the fantasies of all open minded #footlovers. If you stick to the rules of morality, you might get a nice #candid #feet photo. Cheers to all women who like to show their feet in public. We love you!!!

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