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Condom Foot Pictures

You are a foot lover and you also like rubber, latex and other fetish items. We present our exclusive footfetish pictures.

Exclusive Rubber Fetish Pictures for Footlovers

In 2019 we create our first #socialmedia #challenge, called the “Condom Feet Challenge”. We couldn’t have guessed that it would be so successful. Not only our loyal fans and foot lovers gave us a lot of positive feedback. Many rubber and #latex fetishists were also enthusiastic about the first pictures from 2019. In short, the #condom foot pictures were sold like freshly baked Sunday rolls.

2020 we create a new condom feet set and release parts of it as special social media challenge again. Both picture sets are still very popular in the foot fetish community and have topped our sales list since they were published.

What are the Condom Feet Pictures are about

Well, it’s really easy. For foot lovers it is an exciting thing to look at and admire the bare soles of the feet. Everyone likes this in their own special way. Some like their feet very natural, others like them completely clean and pure. There are preferences for soles, toes, fotpads or heels. No matter how you like them best, there are numerous offers for this on the Internet today.

Feetrecords continues the trend

We at Feetrecords.com specialize in photos of bare #soles. Many years ago we found a video on the internet of an adult entertainment woman posting a video about #condoms and feet. She pulled the condoms over her feet and presented them to the audience. A really unbelievable fetish video. We were quite impressed by it, so we decided to try out these types of condoms and foot fetish pictures in our own production.

Since we were so concerned with the topic, we have published some images as a social media challenge. So we call for other foot models and foot fetish producers to also take pictures in this context. You can find some entries on #Instagram under the hashtag #condomfeetchallenge.

Feetrecords Magazine condom feet challenge
Back Cover of Feetfrecords Magazine #1

Where you can find our Pictures with Condom Feet

You are already very close. You can also get the pictures with the Condom feet in our online shop. Currently there are two picture sets available inside our shop branded as Condom Feet Challenge. The first from 2019 and the other from the end of 2020. Exclusive pictures of the latter are available in our Footfetish Magazine , which was released in January 2021.

Condom Feet Challenge 2019

The First Condom Feet Session with Footmodel BlaqCat

For #latex and rubber #footfetish fans this is the perfect footfetish picture set. This #condom feet challenge set contains more than 60 high resolution pictures with Footmodel BlaqCat and are very popular on our social medias. At the most of that images she wears condoms as #socks and posing for us. Real Footlovers should check this exclusive offer because that pics are realy awesome footfetish and #rubber stuff. The set is currently available at a discount price. View the Set in Shop


Just another Set with Condom Feet Pictures

As promised here are finally the new pictures with the #condom #feet in 2020. Just in time for the end of the year we took some time to take this pictures with Footmodel BlaqCat. We’ll pack you a short trailer and some delicious preview pictures to whet your appetite. We have over 70 photos of the Condom covered feet in this kinky footish set. So it should be clear to you that you have to get these pictures. It’s a absolute “must have” for all #rubber feet lovers on the #footfetish  planet. View the Condom Feet Pioctures Set in our Shop.

the Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine

January 2021 we publish our brand new footfetish magazine. After the great success with the first #magazine from 2019, we have now set up another one magazine for you. It took a while but it was worth it. Lots of hot pictures and exclusive content just for you. The reason it took so long was that we had to wait for the pictures of the Condom Feet Challenge. Since we succeeded in these pictures so well, you can see them on the cover.

As Bonus, we put many pictures of the Condom Feet Challenge inside. This is once again a tasty selection of images for all rubber and #latex foot lovers. Our request to all content creators, #footmodels and photographers therefore continues to apply. So join in and share your pictures with condom feet on social media.

We can highly recommend you to buy the Magazine from us. If you love #feet and the idea of looking at them in conjunction with delicate rubber, you certainly won’t go wrong.

If you want buy our printed Version of the Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine, you can ordered at Blurb. Link

Feetrecords Magazine Feetrecords Magazine preview
Front Cover of Feetfrecords Magazine #1

Join the Condom Feet Challenge

If you are a fan of #latex and #feet, you can support us. Share our #challenge pictures on social media or other platforms and help us to inspire other#footfetish content producers and footmodels to create pictures with condoms and #feet.

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