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Cork Mules High Heels Challenge

Content Creators can join the High Heels Challenge with Pictures of sexy Mules in Cork Design

Sexy Cork Mules for High Heeel Lovers

Yes we are always looking for the latest trends in the foot fetish scene. This summer we noticed a lot of high heels with a cork mules design. These are available in many variants and have a beautiful, naturally warm colour. We have now considered creating another challenge with exactly this type of high heels.

Footfetishmodel BlaqCat bought a pair of these pretty cork mules high heels with a cork design in an online shop and talked to our models about them. The idea is to photograph at least three models with these shoes and share the pictures with you. You, our fans, should then vote which model looks best with these cork mules high heels.

Which foot models are taking part in the challenge

We’ll start with our three favorite models BlaqCat, Mara Sin and Kim Parish. Feetrecords will book all three of them one after the other and produce the images for the challenge. We will try to use similar poses to make unique foot fetish high heel photos again. The models have about the same shoe size and really nice feet.

Feetlovers Paradise
Footmodel BlaqCat
Footmodel Kim Parish
Footmodel Kim Parish
Mara Sin calloused Feet
Footmodel Mara Sin

A brief explanation of the Cork High Heels Challenge.

Feetrecords besides share some the pictures as soon as all foot models have been photographed with them on social media. So we hope you participate and cast your vote for the best model with these sexy cork mules high heels. If you participate diligently, we’ll throw out a few bonus discount codes for our Footfetish Shop. So look forward to the amazing pictures and enjoy it. Below you can see some preview pictures of the cork mules we’ve ordered.

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No Problem, keep exploring our website and discover more extraordinary footfetish pictures, videos and magazines. Just like all our Footfetish Challenges you could check out a lot of pics for free on our website because we want to share all the naughty stuff with our fans. So let’s be sure to check back regularly because new challenges are added regularly. Keep in touch with us if you like our stuff and follow us on social media.

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