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Food meets Feet Footfetish Exposed #2

Published at: Footfetish Exposed
Released: June 2021
Check the Feetrecords footfetish "Food and Feet X-Files" gallery with unseen pictures we made playing around with food and sexy feet.

Food meets Feet for all Footfetish Lovers

Let’s have some fun with food and sexy feet

With this free footfetish gallery we continue our footfetish x-file series. So far we have been rather skeptical and have paid very little attention to the combination of food and feet. That was all over when we saw a tweet on Twitter that showed a model that put her nylon feet between two buns and made it look like a hamburger. Inspired by this, our pictures with the juicy burger and the feet of Blaqcat were created. Our foot model Blaqcat was pretty enthusiastic and likes to try new things. So far we had rather left out this section, as we could not gain much from trampling food with bare feet. But it seems to be a pleasant thing for many foot lovers. We present you some selected pictures in this “Food meets Feet Gallery” branded as Footfetish Exposed Files.

The Footfetish Exposed File #2

The crazy thing about the banana and footmodel BlaqCat

Here we present you the footfetish X-Files # 2 Food meets Feet. The topic is probably clear to everyone. In the meantime we have not only done the thing with the foot fetish hamburger, no, we have also taken a few spontaneous pictures with fruits. So to be honest, it’s a banana. The pictures take off the roof on our Instagram account. Probably because we also made a little video about it, which was really very exciting and a bit suggestive at the same time. We used a peeled banana for a short spontaneous photo meeting with our footmodel BlaqCat. We have summarized her sexy soles in a few pictures for you. We hope you like the compilation! In any case, we are very satisfied with it ourselves and snap the pictures out of here for you.

It’s all about food & feet

The ambiguity of the banana

The pictures speak for themselves, don’t they? Do you like our pictures? Do you want more pictures of food and feet? Just write to us on social media. We will keep you informed as usual on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if we add a new one in our Free Gallery Section. In addition, we will release some images on our Devíant Art Account for all so-called watchers, so that you can also view them there.

Fast food for foot lovers

A burger bun, grilled meat, some salad and sexy feet

That was by far our most difficult photo shoot. While I had to hold the burger and tried to keep BlaqCat’s sexy feet together between the delicious ingredients of the burger, she had to press the remote trigger at the right moment. In the end, however, we managed to take a few good pictures that make us very appetizing. We partially edited them and wanted to give the pictures an artistic touch. Of course, the pictures of the foot burger went viral and received a lot of positive feedback. We would like to thank you very much for that. If you are not yet a fan, you will surely now. Just follow us on Instagram or Facebook. There will soon be more pictures on the subject of food meets feet.

Further episodes of the Footfetish Exposed Files

Regularly new content for everyone who is crazy about feet, soles and toes

We only say this much, there will be many new unseen foot fetish pictures. So be a smart fetishist and follow us in the world wide web. More exclusive pictures will appear soon inside the Footfetish Exposed Files.