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Footfetish Exposed File #1

Published at: Footfetish Exposed
Released: January 2021
The X-File #1 with footmodel BlaqCat. We are of course also fans of american football and staged our model with the ball. So check out the pictures below.

The Footfetish X-Files now appears

fresh foot fetish content from our secret archives dedicated to our fans

This goes to all of you footfetish fans out there. We regularly publish picture sets, videos and magazines that you can buy digitally from us. Since we create new pictures almost every day, which we shoot for advertising purposes or simply as short status posts on Instagram or Twitter, we have a huge collection of unpublished material. We have decided to make some of them selected pictures available for you free of charge. These picture sets or collections now appear right here on our website every few weeks and branded as Footfetish Exposed Files. We will keep you informed as usual on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if we add a new one in our Free Gallery Section. In addition, we will release the images on our Devíant Art Account for all so-called watchers, so that you can also view them there.

The Footfetish Exposed File #1

featuring Footmodel BlaqCat

Here we present you our first one, the Footfetish Exposed File # 1. The topic is probably clear to everyone. It’s January and in a few weeks the most important day of the year will be come, the Superbowl. As fans of American popular sport, of course we also have a few balls. We used one of them as a requisite for a short spontaneous photo meeting with our footmodel BlaqCat. We have summarized her sexy soles in 10 small pictures for you. We hope you like the compilation! In any case, we are very satisfied with it ourselves and snap the pictures out of here for you.

It’s all about bare feet

Note on the file numbers

Please note that we do not necessarily publish further files chronologically according to their production date. We search our hard drives and storage media and create new X-File sets, which can also consist of disjointed pictures, series and single shots. We prefer to put about 10 pictures together in one file. So you can look at some of our foot picture treasures from our portfolio from past years.

Images with previously unpublished scenes

Behind the scenes, outtakes or exclusive mini sets for our fans

It is known that we particularly like the soles of sexy feet and thats why we often focus on them in our pictures. We succeeded in doing this again with these pictures from file number # 1. If you like our pictures and want to support our footmodels, you can get the best footfetish picture sets in our shop. We have several thousand pictures in different series for you on offer.

Further episodes of the Footfetish Exposed Series

Regularly new content for everyone who is crazy about feet, soles and toes

We only say this much, there will be many new unseen foot fetish pictures. So be a smart fetishist and follow us in the world wide web. More exclusive pictures will appear soon inside the Footfetish Exposed Files.

Footfetish X-File

Footfetish Exposed File #1 HD

You like the pictures, you can buy and  download them here in high resolution. C’mon and get it now.