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Sockomotion Challenges

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About the Sockomotion Challenges

The kinky Challenges for Socks and Feet Lovers

We’ll explain briefly what the Sockomotion Challenges is all about, because it’s easy to say. Like all our challenges we want to encourage all content creators like footmodels, photographers and artists in the field of footfetish to create new images or videos. We have various topics as suggestions and these people can easily take part. This creates new and unique content for fans and lovers of pretty feet and should help everyone to stand out within the scene.

A Social Media Engagement for all Fans of Sexy Socks

As the name suggests, the Sockomotion Challenges is all about socks. Since socks are particularly popular with foot lovers, we are happy to devote ourselves to the matter. The whole thing is more diverse than at first glance. Some like socks in general, others like them worn and dirty or even full of holes. So check out all the challenges and see if there is something for you.

Participate in the Sockomotion Challenges

Join the Sockomotion Challenges that was created by Feetrecords. Footmodels from all over the world can join by taking pics with socks and share them with us. Read more about inside the individuell Challenges.

Official Sockomotion Challenges

Here you can see all current footfetish challenges and find out how you can participate.

Join our challenges

Are you a foot model, photographer or artist in the field of foot fetish? Then join our challenges. We are constantly creating new ideas and want to bring more variety to social media. To join the challenges, read what the respective pages are about, create your own pictures and share them on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Use the respective hashtag and tag us in your post! We will share your content in our networks and thus create a high reach. If you like to be creative and want to reach a lot of fans and footlovers around the world, this is the best way for you.


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