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Stinky Candid Feet Love

Footmodel BlaqCat takes us for a ride on her scooter and show some sexy stinky candid feet in the Park.

A meeting in the park with candid foot model

Last month we already published an article to the topic of candid feet. Now that it’s still summer, there are countless opportunities for us to take lots of #candidfeet pictures outside in public. So we spontaneously called BlaqCat on the phone and asked her to photograph her lovely stinky #candid #feet in public. Of course she agreed and immediately came to our meeting point in the park with her scooter.

An exciting encounter with stinky feet in public

We will briefly tell you about the meeting. It was actually very exciting. Because we didn’t just take a few foot pictures, we also shot a tiny little video. Since our meeting was very spontaneous, our model was not particularly prepared. She arrived on her scooter wearing only a green dress and was #barefoot with a pair of very worn flip flops. But that was ok for us.

First we drank an ice-cold cola on a shady spot in the park and chatted a bit. After the short refreshment, we looked for a quiet place in the park and took the photos. We photographed her with the scooter on which she drove around completely barefoot. Afterwards we took some picture of her soles at a seat near a flower bed. Finally, we shot a video of her candid feet with our smartphone. The whole thing gets a certain look, just like candid #feet photos should be. By the way, her #feet were pretty rough and they smelled great. How do we know? We were allowed to #sniff on it and were thrilled.

Stinky Candid Feet

The stinky candid Feet Pictures Gallery

Exclusively for you here comes the pictures with BlaqCat and her pretty #smelly feet in the park. It’s also a small premiere because BlaqCat shows himself for the first time in full body on our website. We’ve already had a lot of inquiries about it from our fans. Everyone was curious what she looks like. So far she had only shown her #feet to protect her privacy. So we hope that you will get to see a bit more of her now. She really is a pretty woman and a true gem for #footlovers.

The Stinky Candid Feet Bonus Video

We hope you like these #pictures. BlaqCat will also publish these in HD on the BlaqCat Feetfinder Profile in the next few days. This way her fans can show gratitude and support her.

As mentioned above, we also shot a short video of her stinky #candid #feet and don’t want to withhold it from you. It’s just a short video. Photographing #feet in #public is a bit risky and requires a lot of courage from everyone involved. but it was a nice thing to film her #feet while she teasingly poses and seductively stretches out her #soles towards us.

We uploaded the video to our official Feetrecords YouTube channel. Since we are often classified as adult content, it may be necessary to register with YT to access it. We hope that’s ok for you. You can also follow us there, because we will be uploading videos there more often, which you can then enjoy for free.

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A final word to conclude

You want your own custom video with candid feet in public?

Here’s your chance to get your own custom made video or pics with candid feet in public. We offer our fans a special service and put you in touch with exclusive foot models. They create unique and individual content for you according to your wishes. Especially in summer time they like to be outside and doing #feet pics. There are almost no limits to your fantasies. Whether nylon, high heels or barefoot. So better get personal and unique #footfetish content than the mass-produced stuff that anyone can get from the internet.

We would also like to say that we found the location very pleasant. In the next few days we may have to take the opportunity and photograph our newcomer foot model Mara Sin for her first shoot with us at this location. Then there are even more exciting public #barefoot pictures and videos. So visit us again soon, because we have a lot of new content planned for you this year at Feetrecords.

That’s it, dear fans. We hope you liked this post and of course the beautiful pictures with our model’s #feet. Visit us on Facebook and give us a like. Many Thanks

Stinky Candid Feet

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