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Condom Feet Challenge 2019

This year we create our first social media challenge, called the “Condom Feet Challenge”. Join now and check out free footfetish pictures.

Join our social Media Footfetish Challenge

This year we create our first social media challenge, called the “Condom Feet Challenge 2019”. We couldn’t have guessed that this Pictures would be so successful. Our loyal fans and foot lovers around the world gave us a lot of positive feedback until now and we’re a very happy about it. Many rubber and latex fetishists were also enthusiastic about the first pictures from 2019. In short, the condom foot pictures were sold like freshly baked Sunday rolls.

Why it becomes a Challenge

Well, when we created the pictures with our Footmodel BlaqCat, we already had this challenge in mind. We wanted to encourage other foot models to also take pictures on this topic. After we had our picture set with the condom feet online in our shop and advertised it on social media, we asked other models to do the same.


That’s pretty easy. You get yourself some latex condoms at your local drugstore. Pull the condoms over your bare feet and take some good photos with your mobile phone or a camera. You then share your pictures on your profile in social media. No matter whether on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. If you post your pictures, use the hashtag #condomfeetchhallenge and tag us as well. At this way we will get informed and also everyone who’s involved will share these images. Thats the way your photo or video will take off the roof and get hyped by the footfetish community.

Some inspiration about Latex and Feet

Here we are happy to help you. You can find some exclusive pictures of the 2019 Challenge right here below. You should definitely try it yourself. All of our models have said it feels really exciting. It’s really a nice experience to feel latex on your skin. Foot lovers also like this combination of beautiful feet and the transparent latex of condoms. Many fetishes come together here at once.

Condomfeetchallenge 2019
Condom Feet Challenge at Instagram

Free Rubber Feet Pictures for Feet Lovers

Condom Feet Challenge Video Trailer

Yes we did it. We create a small trailer from our video footage that was created during the 2020 footfetish photo shoot. A fan we met on Twitter also gave us some background music. So watch the video. It briefly explains how the challenge works and there are also a few hot scenes with our model BlaqCat. She presents her pretty feet which she wrapped in condoms. If the video is not displayed correctly, you have to switch to our Feetrecords YouTube channel, because the video is now age-restricted.

You like all our condom and feet content

Check out the Brand Condom Feet Challenges for more content and free pictures with condom feet. We have a lot of content for this particular fetish. So be sure to check it out.

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