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Clover Feet and Crimson Tights

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Released: April 2023

Clover Feet and Crimson Tights

That’s our brand new nylon feet and tights set for all pantyhose lovers. Footmodel BlaqCat showing us her pretty nylon feet and posing with her sexy bum and she ripped off the nylon to reval her toes.


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The Story behind Clover Feet and Crimson Tights

Sexy feets combined nylon tights with have been a popular fetish for many years. While the aesthetic of feet has changed over time, the fetish itself has remained relatively constant. Today, is footfetish and nylon tights are more popular than ever before. There are many different ways to enjoy beautiful feet and tights. Some people enjoy the feel of the fabric on their skin, while others enjoy the way the pantyhose make their legs look. For many people, the fetish is more about the mental aspects than the physical. Whatever your reason for enjoying feet and tights, there is no doubt that they can be a lot of fun. If you are interested in exploring this fetish, there are many different resources available to help you get started. For those foot lovers we have created this set of pictures called Clover Feet and Crimson Tights.

Footmodel BlaqCat is a pantyhose fetishist

Working with Footmodel BlaqCat is always a pleasure. We’ve already got the supplies. A pair of pretty high heels and of course the purple tights in a crimson look. We don’t need anymore. So we called BlaqCat and she came over to our apartment for a quick photoshoot. We discussed the set and then we started the session. She slipped on the pantyhose, jumped on the bed and started posing. The result pours into this foot fetish picture set. This is your chance to be part of it and grab all the pictures. If you like this kind of kinky footfetish stuff, you can also take the opportunity to have exclusive pictures and videos made by BlaqCat according to your wishes. You can find more information about this on our Buy Custom Footfetish Content page.

Shiny tights reveal her clover feet

We didn’t just focus on her pretty legs in these pictures, we also photographed her feet, soles and toes wrapped in transparent crimson nylon. So there are great close-ups that will blow your mind and hypnotize nylon and feet lovers around the world. Her feet are sweet as clover and her buttocks are caressed by these crimson tights. Check all the free preview pictures below to be convinced and make sure to follow us on social media like our official Fanpage on Facebook.

These pictures are also available in the new magazine

Yes you read correctly. We will publish selected pictures of the “Clover Feet and Crimson Tights” set in issue #5 of the official Feetrecords Magazine coming end of 2023. Parts of this Set are also available on our Nylon Magazine, the Special Edition of our Footfetish Magazine Collection we’ve already published 2023. You can purchase this as usual as a download or as a printed version. You can find a complete selection of our magazines right here in our shop. Still want more? No problem. Follow us on Facebook, there is a video preview of this set.

Clover Feet and Crimson Tights Video on Facebook

Still want more? No problem. Follow us on Facebook, there is a free video preview of this set.

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More Information

About Footmodel BlaqCat

Clover Feet and Crimson Tights

Thats me, Footmodel BlaqCat from Germany.

Meet me – BlaqCat, the foot model hailing from Germany. My journey as an enthusiastic foot fetish model spans many years. I’m recognized as Footmodel BlaqCat and proudly affiliated with the Feetrecords Crew. My feet have garnered a devoted following, particularly my alluring soles. Displaying my feet is not only enjoyable, but also a lucrative endeavor. The thrill of tantalizing and engaging with admirers while reaping its financial rewards is truly fantastic.

Indulging in stylish high heels and alluring attire like leggings and thongs is a passion of mine. I aspire that you find delight in my imagery, which you can explore on my Twitter or my recently established FeetFinder Account. If you’re interested in becoming a steadfast supporter, peruse my Profile Page here at Feetrecords to delve deeper into my journey and creations. Craving tailored content? Explore the realm of Custom Footfetish Content and send me a request.

I extend my gratitude to all my Fans.


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