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Do you have a footfetish? See our Solefetish Gallery with Footmodel BlaqCat. Extremly awesome and hot Sole Close up Pictures.

Released: March 2020


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The Story behind Solefetish

Our Facebook poll in February, when we asked you which leggings we should use in the next shoot, there was a tie, as you know. So we have now started with color dots leggings and presents you the Sole Fetish Picture set. We hope you enjoy these footfetish gallery. You can buy the whole set, including more than 60 exclusive footfetish pictures. The Snake Pattern Leggings we use in next shooting, but we have to come up with something cool for that. We call want call them the “Candid Stinky Soles“. It’s best to follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss anything.

Whats the matter of Solefetish

The Footfetish is already considered mainstream today. In fact, it is also the most common fetish. But this can be broken down even further. So it is often not just feet, but also certain parts of it. For example, some fetish peoples love toes, heels or of course the soles. We have once again created a set in which we have made for you awesome pictures with the focus on the soles of the feet. We also noticed that there are different preferences regarding the type of soles. Some like it very clean and pure, others like dirty, used and stinky feet.

Sole and Footfetish Fans around the World

Footmodel BlaqCat say’s

Since I have also been networked internationally with many footfetishlovers, models and photographers, I get a lot of inspiration for my own work. For example, unique poses of feet or extraordinary accessories and objects that we can integrate into our footfetish shootings. We try very hard to make our pictures varied and exciting. But I always find something new, especially on social media. That makes my own photography exciting on every time. All over the world, photographers and models share their pictures. A enormous flood of free footfetish pictures. So many creative people, that’s awesome. I’am particularly proud to be a part of it. If you want to read more information and blog posts about footfetish, then take a look at The Feethunter.

About Footmodel BlaqCat

Thats me, Footmodel BlaqCat from Germany.

I have been an enthusiastic foot fetish model for many years. I am known as Footmodel BlaqCat and part of the Feetrecords Crew. Many guys love my feet, especially my sexy soles. Of course I have a lot of fun showing my feet, teasing guys with them and making money with its also awesome. I love buying pretty high heels or sexy clothes like leggings and thongs. I hope you like my pictures too and enjoy them. You can visit me on my Twitter or my brand new FeetFinder Account. So if you want to become a loyal fan, check my Profil Page here at Feetrecords and read more about me and my work. You want to buy custom Stuff? Lets check out the Custom Footfetish Content page.

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  1. SniffGuy

    Her Soles are realy awesome. Want to sniff on them…

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