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Condom Feet Challenge 2020

The Condom Feet Challenge it’s a absolute “must have” for all rubber feet lovers on the Footfetish-Planet.

Join´the Condom Feet Challenge 2020 crerated by Feetrecords

Here we go again! Just in time for the end of the year we took some time to take this pictures with Footmodel BlaqCat. We’ll pack you a short trailer and some delicious preview pictures to whet your appetite. We have over 70 photos of the Condom covered feet in this kinky footish set. So it should be clear to you that you have to get these pictures. The Condom Feet Challenge 2020 it’s a absolute “must have” for all rubber feet lovers on the footfetish planet. View the Condom Feet Pictures Set in our Shop.

Why it becomes a Challenge again

Well, when we created the first Condom Feet pictures in 2019 with our Footmodel BlaqCat we already had this challenge in mind. We wanted to encourage other foot models to also take pictures on this topic. The Condom Feet Challenge 2020 is basically the continuation of the whole thing. The pictures are very popular, so we keep creating new photos on this topic and will continue the social media challenge.

How the Challenge works

That’s pretty easy. You get yourself some latex condoms at your local drugstore. Pull the condoms over your bare feet and take some good photos with your mobile phone or a camera. You then share your pictures on your profile in social media. No matter whether on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. If you post your pictures, use the hashtag #condomfeetchhallenge and tag us as well. At this way we will get informed and also everyone who’s involved will share these images. Thats the way your photo or video will take off the roof and get hyped by the footfetish community.

Join now an share your pictures

In addition, we offer all models who take part the opportunity to present themselves in our upcoming footfetish magazines. Be part of the challenge and share your pictures. in social media.

By the way, we also acknowledged that in our magazine and put some exclusive photos in there. Latex, rubber and foot lovers should definitely check out the Footfetish Magazine from 2020. We offer you a downloadable version and a printed version for sale.

Condom Feet Challenge
Free Preview Condom Feet

footmodel Stephanie Mason joins the Challenge

As one of our featured models, she’s pretty popular in the foot fetish scene anyway. Since she always provides a lot of creative content, she also participates in our social media campaigns. She contributed some pictures to the Condom Feet Challenge and also told us that it was really quite exciting. It is a real treat for foot lovers and rubber lovers. Of course you can learn more about the Model Stephanie Mason here on our website. Like all our models, you will receive information and links where you can find them on the net.

Follow us on social media

We suggest you follow the models on the social media. There you will surely find one or the other contribution to our challenges and you can look at pictures. For example, you can find BlaqCat on Twitter and Stephanie can also be found there. That we also have a Big fan page on Facebook is certainly not difficult to understand. Here you can also participate in our posts by commenting, or simply leave a like there. We always appreciate feedback from our fans.

More condom feet coming soon

While the 2020 condom feet challenge is still up-to-date, we are already thinking about the 2021 and 2022 challenges. We definitely want to produce more video material and also hit the advertising drum again. So stay with us and check back here regularly.

SMfeetfet condomfeetchallenge
Footmodel Stephanie Mason

Whats inside the condom Feet Challenge 2020

We’ll show you what’s inside. You can find some exclusive pictures of the 2020 Condom Feet Challenge right here below. You should definitely try it yourself. All of our models have said it feels really exciting. It’s really a nice experience to feel latex on your skin. Foot lovers also like this combination of beautiful feet and the transparent latex of condoms. Many fetishes come together here at once.

Check out the official Trailer on YT

Yes we did it. We create a small trailer from our video footage that was created during the 2020 condom feet photo shoot. A fan we met on Twitter also gave us some background music. So watch the video. It briefly explains how the challenge works and there are also a few hot scenes with our model BlaqCat. She presents her pretty feet which she wrapped in condoms. If the video is not displayed correctly, you have to switch to our Feetrecords YouTube Channel, because the video is now age-restricted.

It goes without saying that we advise you to follow us on YouTube as well. Because there is always new video content from us to see.

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