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Cork Mules High Heels Bundle

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BlaqCat, Exclusive, Kim Parish, Mara Sin

Cork Mules High Heels Bundle

Exclusive Footfetish Picture Bundle with BlaqCat, Mara Sin, and Kim Parish from our Cork High Heels Challenge we’ve created this Fall. This outstanding Pictures will knock you off!

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The Story behind Cork Mules High Heels Bundle

A Big Bundle of Cork Mules High Heel Pictures

This is our special offer for all fans of Cork Mules High Heels which are extremely high. Our fans will know for sure, we started a High Heel Challenge this fall and hired several models to create the pictures. So we proudly present to you our exclusive foot models BlaqCat, Mara Sin, and Kim Parish joining the Cork Mules High Heel Challenge. With all these beautiful girls we have produced three excellent photo sets and you can buy them exclusively in our foot fetish shop as a bundle.

Three Models, three kinky footfetish picture Sets

For this challenge we photographed all three models separately with the same cork mules high heels and shared some of the best pictures of them on our social media like Facebook and the Feetrecords Pinterest Page . You can buy and download the picture sets as a whole here directly from us. All three models pose in the cork design high heels and of course also show their incredibly hot arched feet, soles and toes.

Whats inside of the Cork Mules Picture Bundle

Footmodel BlaqCat

BlaqCat fans will know it. Her feet are stunning to look at. With the cork mules high heels she shows us her pretty heels and the soles she also shows her pretty close to the camera. The very high shoes particularly emphasize her arches.

Footmodel Mara Sin

Mara Sin has particularly pretty soles. With the cork mules high heels come their wider footpads and fleshy heels are really extremely hot to look at. You can see it in the preview pictures, her feet are really pretty.

Kim Parish

Kim Parish is captured really well in this set. Her really pretty long toes come into their own here and her heels are really horny too. Due to the high heels, her feet are well formed and it required some practice from her to stand and walk in them.