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Filipina Feet Tales

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Released: October 2020
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Filipina Feet Tales

Filipina Feet Tales are part of the fresh delivered footfetish pictures by Footmodel Jenny. An absolutely stunning high heel, feet and butt lovin photo set.


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The Story behind Filipina Feet Tales

As you may know, Jenny often makes picture sets for feetrecords.com for us on the side. She also produced the Filipina Feet Tales set for us. Jenny fans should definitely buy it. She not only wears a pair of chic high heels but also a cute little thong. So it’s a set not just for foot fetishists and high heel lovers. Of course we will continue to offer more exciting pictures. So check out our shop regularly and get our latest content.

Why we love asian Footgirl

Well that’s not a big question. They are very small, cute, soft and have countless lovers and fans. Many foot lovers especially like small feet. We recommend you to visit Puerto Galera to White Beach on Mindoro Island. We also met Jenny on this beautiful beach just a bit outside of Manila. There are many local women with their tiny Asian feet to see and marvel at. Not far away, Jenny bought the high heels that she wears in the pictures of the Filipina Feet Tales set.

dedicated Feet & Ass Pictures by JennyFeet84

Jenny’s special is not just about her feet with that beautiful soles. She has a lovely body and a firm bottom. You can see all of this in your pictures. She really is an Asian dream model. We can also recommend you to visit Jenny at her DeviantArt page. There you will find lots of free pictures of you and you can interact with her. So be sure to have a look there.

About Footmodel JennyFeet84

Footmodel Jenny

First of all welcome to this page that as you can see it is dedictaed to the beauty of (my) feet!!! For some of you this may be very strange as it was also initially for me very weird. However over time I discovered that my feet attracted a lot of attention. Someone asked me: why dont you take pictures and share them!!??
It was really funny when going out letting my flip flops falling down to the floor and then having guys looking obsessively to my bare feet and when moving my feet under the table they always seemed to be already in cloud 9 and very distracted.
Many men get extremely aroused simply looking at my feet. I love that and to see my power and I have had a number of profesional experiences. That are still not over yet and many are coming. So i am delighted to check for how long my feet will be powerful on men??
I am not a teen anymore since I am already 35, my feet size is 37 and I have long toes and rather wide balls. I love to wear sexy high heels and partying a lot…my favourite shoes are Louboutin and i have a remarkable collection!

I hope you will enjoy my rather amatorial photos!!!
For those of you who are new to this then welcome to this world without tabu!!!!

Kiss – Jenny

1 review for Filipina Feet Tales

  1. Phil

    She’s my favorite footfetish model. Want to meet her. Pics are fine

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