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Read our Blogpost about Pantyhose Feet and the content we offer in our footfetish shop at Feetrecords.com. You like nylons and tights? Then have a look here.

The Magic of Pantyhose Feet

In today’s world, foot fetish has become increasingly prevalent, moving towards the mainstream. While some may see it as merely an attraction to bare feet, true foot enthusiasts understand the allure of the pantyhose feet fetish. This particular fetish is incredibly diverse, catering to the unique preferences of every foot lover, regardless of gender. While it’s challenging to encompass all aspects of this fascination in a single article, we want to share our deep passion for nylon or #pantyhose feet.


Discover the fascinating history of tights and their connection to foot fetishism. Dating back to the European Middle Ages, tights were born when someone cleverly attached long stockings to a pair of shorts. Initially more popular among men, these legwarmers and pantalons evolved over time.

However, it was the industrially manufactured tights, introduced by the Glen Raven company in 1959, that truly revolutionized the scene. Crafted from nylon and perlon, these tights gained immense popularity, almost completely replacing stockings with suspenders, especially with the rise of the miniskirt in the 1960s.

Nylon tights quickly became a fetish object

Since then, pantyhose feet have become a captivating fascination, turning the heads of countless fetishists. The smooth, beautiful legs accentuated by these pantyhose have been highly provocative, significantly influencing the world of foot fetishism, particularly during the sexual revolution of the 60s.

So, delve into the allure of pantyhose feet, and explore the intriguing history and impact of this mesmerizing fetish and effects of this fascinating fetish. We do it too, as do our models. For example, Footmodel and Artist Kitty uses nylons and tights as accessories in her shootings. Her fans are pretty crazy for this, which proves how popular nylon content is.

Kitty Pretty Feet Toes
Nylon Toes by Kitty

Some Free Pantyhose Feet Pics for you

Get ready for a treat! Feast your eyes on exclusive pantyhose #feet pictures specially curated for all you nylon and feet lovers out there. These captivating pics are extracted from a custom video that was recently created for one of our esteemed clients. You can now find this mesmerizing Nylon Pantyhose Feet Video available at Feetrecords.

We guarantee you’ll be delighted by the beauty of these nylon-covered feet. If you’re craving more personalized content, you’re in luck! Discover how you can purchase custom foot fetish videos and pictures from our talented models. Head over to our page, where we walk you through the entire process of ordering and owning exclusive foot fetish content tailored just for you. Enjoy the ultimate indulgence in #pantyhose feet and make your fantasies come true! Parts of this Set are available on our Nylon Magazine, the Special Edition of our Footfetish Magazine Collection.

What Footfetishists love so much about nylon Stockings

Certainly! Here’s the rewritten version:

Easily explained, nylons offer a delightful see-through quality. The sheer, silk-colored, and thin fabric allows a glimpse of a pretty woman’s feet, igniting the imagination. This allure also appeals to sock enthusiasts, who often seek scented socks but miss the visual element, as socks cover the feet entirely. With pantyhose feet in nylon, both desires merge seamlessly – offering a captivating view of the feet, soles, and toes, while providing a similar sensation to scented socks. It’s the perfect combination, bringing together the best of both worlds!

Pantyhose, Nylon and tights as big Topic at Feetrecords

Ever since the inception of the Feetrecords project, we have curated diverse sets featuring captivating pantyhose feet. These collections not only highlight the beauty of feet but also showcase alluring legs and other well-defined body parts, masterfully captured by our talented photographers. Below, we proudly present a selection of these exquisite sets.

Furthermore, our featured models, who independently create content for foot lovers, also offer fascinating nylons-themed material. Among them, you can explore Footmodel Kim Parish‘s alluring Pantyhose Feet Video, displaying her sexy Nylon Paws on Youtube. Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing world of pantyhose feet and discover the alluring allure of our exclusive content.

Footmodel Stephanie Mason also creates nylon feet content

Let me present you with an intriguing example: Stephanie Mason. Her content is incredibly diverse, and you’ll find that #pantyhose and #nylon feet occasionally take center stage. To witness this firsthand, I encourage you to explore her social media profiles.

From our knowledge, Stephanie Mason also provides foot fetish pictures tailored to customer preferences, provided you ask in a respectful and submissive manner. You can visit Stephanie Mason’s Facebook Page through this link. And for more in-depth details about this exceptional model, head over to her featured model page on our website. Prepare to be enthralled by Stephanie’s captivating world of feet and nylon enchantment!

Stephanie Mason Pantyhose Feet
Stephanie Mason at Facebook showing her Nylon Feet

The Pantyhose & Feet Offers at Feetrecords.com

Let’s delve into the exciting world of tights and feet at Feetrecords. We are delighted to present our exclusive collection of #stockings and feet content just for you. Currently, we have published five captivating photo sets featuring the #pantyhose tag. While these sets are truly enchanting, they represent less than 10 percent of the picture sets available on our website.

Among the remarkable selection, we must highlight two fan-favorites: “Nylon Socks Revelation” and “Nylon Passion“. These sets have garnered immense popularity and captivated the hearts of our audience. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these individual sets:

So far there are some pretty photo sets and videos that we’ve been published with the tag #pantyhose on Feetrecords.com. Overall, that’s actually not even 10 percent of the content offers on our website. But nylon and pantyhose contents play a special role in our footfetish project. We would particularly like to highlight Nylon Socks Revelation,  Nylon Passion and Clover Feet and Crimson Tights which are proven to be the most popular. We’ll go into the individual sets right here.

Nylon Socks Revelation
Nylon Pantyhose Feet

Nylon Socks revelation

If you’re addicted to sexy nylon socks then check out Footmodel BlaqCat’s brand new picture set. She’s wearing sexy transparent black nylon #socks and tear them down so you can view on her sexy bare #soles. For this shoot she wore very thin nylon socks 20den strength and rip them off. So they are very transparent and give you a good view to her sexy and smelly #soles. We published this picture set in 2021.

Pantyhose Feet
Pantyhose Feet

Pantyhose Feet

Footmodel BlaqCat wearing a black Pantyhose and show us her sexy nylon feet in this footfetish Gallery. You can see her soles through the nylon and thats looks pretty awesome. These are exciting pictures with her fragrant soles in a black, transparent nylon #pantyhose. We published this picture set in 2020 and it’s very successful and popular by all the #footfetish fans of the Feetrecords Project.

Clover Feet and Crimson Tights
Clover Feet and Crimson Tights

Clover Feet and Crimson Tights

That’s our brand new nylon feet and tights set for all pantyhose lovers that we made in 2023. Footmodel BlaqCat showing us her pretty nylon feet and posing with her sexy bum and she ripped off the nylon to reval her toes. We didn’t just focus on her pretty legs in these pictures, we also photographed her feet, soles and toes wrapped in transparent crimson nylon.

Nylon Feet Pantyhose preview
Nylon Feet

Nylon Feet

Fall is coming. It’s time for the ladies to wear some #tights under her #jeans. But first, let’s take some nylon feet pictures with Footfetishmodel BlaqCat. This set was created together with the Nylon and G-String Picture Set. You can get it as a package and get it cheaper. If you love tights and breathtaking sexy asses, you should definitely grab it. We published this pantyhose feet picture set in 2019.

Nylon Passion
Nylon Passion

Nylon Passion

Exclusive #nylon passion pictures dedicaded to all pantyhose and tights lovers around the world. Sexy nylon tights, beautiful legs, feets and the exciting buttocks of Footmodel BlaqCat. These pantyhose wrapped around the beautiful #legs and sexy cheeks of Footmodel BlaqCat. There are no wishes left. Her sexy butt is really stunning, nice and round like a sweet pear . We published this picture set in 2019.

Beautiful Nylon Feet
Kim’s Nylon Paws

Kim’s Nylon Nylon

In the last few weeks we have received more inquiries about #nylon feet and our model Kim Parish has taken care of the matter. This is how this small series of pictures “Nylon Paws” came about. We hope you like them as much as we do. Check out this tiny footfetish picture set and the Bonus pantyhose YT video we offer for free to all our fans.

Finally, what can we say about Pantyhose and feet

Foot lovers are in for a delightful treat, as the world of #pantyhose feet opens up a mesmerizing realm of fascination. The fortunate reality is that many women find joy in adorning their legs with these sheer wonders. The transparent allure of pantyhose, coupled with their ability to accentuate the contours of the female body, makes them a highly sought-after fetish object.

For foot enthusiasts, pantyhose becomes a canvas of beauty, igniting their imagination and desire for pantyhose feet. At Feetrecords, we understand the allure and appreciation our fans have for this captivating combination. That’s why we are dedicated to continuing our pursuit of artistic excellence by capturing breathtaking pictures of #tights and nylons, all for the delight of our cherished audience.

As you journey through our exclusive collection, you’ll find a mesmerizing array of pantyhose feet, skillfully photographed to showcase the elegance and allure of this fascinating fetish. Immerse yourself in the beauty of each shot, and let your imagination run wild with the enchanting possibilities that pantyhose feet offer.

So, for all the foot lovers out there, stay tuned, as we embark on a creative journey to capture the essence of pantyhose feet, continuing to bring you unparalleled content that celebrates the beauty and allure of this exquisite fetish. Embrace the beauty of pantyhose-clad feet and let us take you on a captivating visual journey like no other!

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