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Top 10 Foot Fetish Poses

The Top 10 Foot Fetish Poses which we have determined at Feetrecords. Find out here which ones are the most popular in the foot fetish scene.

Eye-catching poses in the world of foot fetish

Foot fetish photography is still very popular and can be seen in many media. While the technical aspects of photography are crucial, pose is an often underestimated element that can take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. The way models hold their pretty feet can profoundly affect the look, composition, and overall impact of your photos. For of you, Footmodels, Artists or Footlovers, we’ve collected the Top 10 Foot Fetish Poses for you.

A short introduction

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, the world of foot fetish photo poses offers a wealth of creative possibilities to explore. In this blog post we delve into the fascinating world of foot fetish photography and reveal the ten best poses that are currently proven to be the most popular in the foot fetish scene. These poses will inspire and accompany you on your photographic journey.

So grab your camera, get ready to experiment and discover the art of foot fetish #photography through these photo poses. We explore the Top 10 Foot Fetish Poses right here to enhance your pictures and make your feet shine. Whether you want to capture real emotions, create dramatic compositions or just show off your feet pictures, these poses will serve as a creative toolbox to take your foot fetish photography to the next level.

10. The Crushing Foot

We’ll start straight away with the top 10 foot fetish poses and start with crushing #feet, which is derived from the Giantess and Foot Domination section. We have already written an article about this which you can read under “Fascinating World of Giantess”. Our example image comes from Stephanie Mason, who has become quite famous in this segment.

Need more help creating your content? Take a look at our blog, where we give foot model advice and inform you about the topic of foot fetish. For fans and foot lovers, our website offers a lot of interesting and free content.

How to create such a Pose

Taking such a “crushing feet” photo is not that difficult. You simply place your camera or cell phone on the floor and take photos upwards while assuming the position with your foot raised. This is a pretty popular pose for many foot fetish enthusiasts as it represents a certain level of dominance and control. But for us it only ends up at number 10 on the popularity scale.

Stephanie Mason's Giantess Footfetish thumb
Giantess by Stephanie Mason Crushing Foot

9. Feet Up On The Table

Feet on Table by BlaqCat
BlaqCat show of her Feet on Table

Here comes our number 9 ranking of the Top 10 Foot Fetish Poses. As the name suggests, Feet on Table clearly means that the model places her feet on the table and assumes different positions with them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re barefoot, with socks or even pretty high heels. It’s a seductive sight to spontaneously present your little feet to your partner. He might thank you with a foot massage.

The origin of this foot fetish pose is related to the so-called footsie play, in which you seduce your partner with your feet while sitting at the table. It’s the perfect pose for when you want to take a quick, frivolous picture. Quickly take off your shoes, put your feet on the table and click, the foot fetish picture is in the box.

8. The High Arch

colorful leggings and feet
High Arches by BlaqCat | Leggings & Feet Set

High arched feet pictures are actually very popular in the foot fetish scene. It is, so to speak, another niche that many foot lovers rave about. There are some very well-known models here, such as Paradox from FeetFair, who, for anatomical reasons, can bend her feet very strongly and can therefore show magnificent poses with high arches.

This pose is not that easy to master barefoot and there are only a few foot models who can do it so well. If you want to practice, simply wear a pair of very high heels to see how much your feet can be shaped into high arches. We recommend that you look for further examples on social media. You will certainly find many more examples there under the hastag #higharches.

7. Feet Out Of The Car

Feet out of Car by BlaqCat
BlaqCat Candid Feet out of the car

The next place in the ranking is from the Candid Feet area, which we have already written about a few times and have also shown you pictures. There’s nothing more obvious than when you’re in the car with your girlfriend and want to take a few quick snapshots. The rest is self-explanatory. I briefly stretched my feet out of the car and took a few pretty pictures.

It’s the ideal format if you take pictures on the go and want to photograph some pretty soles. In general, foot fetish pictures in, on or with cars have become very popular recently. Many models produce their content in their cars when they are on the road. But please think about your safety. The car should be parked. So don’t do any stunts while driving.

6. Spreading Toes

At number 6 in our ranking we also have a real treat for foot lovers. Toes spread is a very exciting sight for many feet lovers. We use this pose a lot at Feetrecords. When our model sits in front of us and we go through the poses step by step, our command “flash your toes” comes and she stretches her toes out as much as possible. As in our example picture, which comes from Kim Parish, wonderful works of art are created.

As you can see in our example picture, this pose is really pretty to look at and offers a variety of possible variations. The feet can also be crossed over one another, or you can combine it with the crushing feet that we showed you above.

Here, too, we recommend that you look for more examples on social media, because there are also many exciting pictures with spread toes.

Toes Spread by Kim Parish
Toe Spread by Foomodel Kim Parish
Feetfinder Banner

5. The “Foot P*ssy”

foot fetish poses foot pussy
BlaqCat Poses in Hot Pants and Feet

As we progress through our list, the excitement continues to build. Now, we arrive at a truly amazing and captivating pose known simply as the “Foot P*ssy” pose. A pose that is often requested and part of our repertoire. As the name suggests, everyone knows what this pose is intended for. In this position, the foot model places her arched feet together, with a small gap between both feet. Definitely a nice snap for foot lovers with a vivid imagination! Our example picture shows Footmodel BlaqCat from the set Hot Pants and Feet and is really a nice example.

4. Scrunching

Scrunching Feet Pose
Scrunching Feet by Footmodel Holly

As we move up the list, we discover another cherished category – the scrunch! Foot fetish enthusiasts greatly appreciate the sight of scrunched feet. One key reason is straightforward: in this pose, the intricate wrinkles of the foot become beautifully prominent and alluring. When the foot model gently curls her feet together, it exudes a distinctly sensuous aura, almost as if she’s amassing energy within her feet, holding onto it with enticing allure. Our picture shows featured Footmodel Holly presenting her scrunched feet and is really a beautiful example.

3. Dangling

BlaqCat dangling Feet top ten foot fetish poses
Dangling Feet by BlaqCat from Red High Heels Set

Now, it’s time to unveil the top 3, and we begin quite literally! The dangle is another adored category of foot photography. In this pose, the model lifts her legs and feet into the air and playfully dangles her footwear from the tips of her toes, moving it slowly up and down. People are genuinely captivated by the allure of dangling shoes, whether they’re high heels, flip flops or slippers, as it’s the epitome of teasing. It’s a delightful game of anticipation and excitement, as you can’t help but wonder when that shoe will finally slip off, revealing the completely bare foot.

2. Ass And Soles Frogbutt

Here comes our number 9, which is only just behind number one. The combination of pretty feet together with others particularly emphasizes the erotic effect in foot fetish photography.

For brave and showy foot models who like to show a little more, this is an absolutely striking pose. Here you can showcase the curves of your body and at the same time let the magic of his pretty feet play out. We at Feetrecords often do this and many of our sets also include the so-called Frogbutt pose. There is also the article “The Frogbutt Pose“, where you can see more examples of this popular pose.

BlaqCat’s favorite Pose

Our example photo shows Footmodel BlaqCat and these picture which you can also find on Feetfinder are outstandig gorgeous. You can also get excellent frogbutt pictures of her there, because she generously shows off her ass and feet there. So no reason to be shy and register with Feetfinder. Here you can get countless #footmodels and you can definitely purchase foot fetish content directly from the models.

Footmodel BlaqCat show us her sexy feet and frogbutt
Frogbutt by BlaqCat

1. “The Pose”

There can only be one winner, of course, and what other position could take first place than “The Pose” itself? “The pose” refers to a specific position in which the model lies on her stomach and looks into the camera with her feet stretched up behind her. The soles of the feet are then clearly visible and unfold their seductive powers. Some variations are also possible, for example the feet could be shown either crossed or uncrossed, stacked, shown next to each other, with bent #soles or splayed #toes.

The Magic about “The Pose”

Most of the time the model’s face is visible, but sometimes it’s possible without it. The photo is often complemented by a pretty butt. The pose is by far the most popular position in the history of foot fetish and is still extremely popular today. She is universally loved for her innocent, playful look and feel.

So for foot lovers, a lot of things come together at the same time, pretty feet, a recognizable model and sometimes even a cute bottom. That’s what makes these pictures so popular and gives them an almost magical appearance.

Every foot lover knows and can relate to the term #thepose. We’ve scraped together a few facts for you to fill your inquiring mind with on our post “The Pose” a footfewtish classic. We have also collected a few highlights from social media and put some pictures for you in this post of our footfetish blog. Well, we didn’t have to think long to describe it. On urbandictionary.com we found a very good definition of “the Pose” and would like to share it with you.

Stephanie Mason ThePose
The Pose by Stephanie Mason on a Yoga Session

One last word at the end

In addition to the poses mentioned, there are many other fascinating honorable mention in the world of foot fetish photography that also deserve praise and recognition. An example is shots of toe rings, which add a subtle but beautiful elegance and draw attention to the delicate details. A good example of the representation of foot jewelry are Lezlyan and Kitty, who create heroic images in this area.

Another extremely sexy pose is overlapping toes in high heels. This type of images gives special expression to the models feet and are often desired by Toelovers. The skillful overlapping arrangement of the toes in open shoes conveys a sensual aesthetic and shows sophistication and kinkiness. This list could be much longer, but it all comes to an end.

The variety of poses in photography makes it possible to convey different stories and moods. From expressive close up shots to artistic depictions of female feet, the world of foot fetish photography offers endless possibilities to showcase the beauty and diversity of the sexiest feet.

We hope you enjoy our Top 10 Foot Fetish Poses and that they inspire models, artists and photographers around the world. Do you like our stuff? Just follow us on social media. We can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (X).

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