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With so many footfetish #magazines out there in the world wide web, it can be hard to decide which ones to prioritize in your collection list. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of our top magazines from Feetrecords to get them. With us it is easy to buy footfetish magazines because we sell them in our Shop. Here you can find out how to get them all.

The latest Feetrecords Mag’s we’ve published

Yes we do! We publish at least one magazine every year, sometimes two. That mostly depends on how much photo footage we can get together to fill the magazine with good rich content. Here we briefly present our current Footfetish Magazines so that you can see what we have to offer.

Creating a magazine is a lot of work. The selection and editing of the images, the layout and the design are worth the effort. Many fans have already purchased a copy and are very happy with it. We are proud of this and feel motivated to produce and publish more footfetish magazines.

Footfetish Magazine #3 from 2022

The Footfetish Magazine #3 is one of the most iconic and freshest magazines we’ve made. It offers readers a wide variety of pics with many of our footmodels. It also presents some of the best featured Models like Toe Highness they joined us in 2022. With this Feetmag, you can stay up-to-date on all the Feetrecords content that expose a vast array of #footfetish pictures we’ve created this year.


  • more than 100 Pics
  • Digital PDF Version avialable
  • Print high glossy Magazine available


BlaqCat, Mara Sin, Kim Parish, Toe Highness, JennyFeet

Footfetish Magazine #2 from 2022

Here comes issue number 2 of our Feetrecords Footfetish Magazine (download Edition) which we also released in 2022. We thought long and hard about what content to include this time. The pandemic also set us back a bit and we couldn’t take as many picture sets as we had planned. So we ended up taking eight different series of pictures from the last few months of 2021, which have now made it into our footfetish magazine. All these Pics are also available at our Footfetish Shop here at Feeterecords too.


  • 40 Pages with more than 80 Pics
  • Digital PDF Version avialable
  • Print high glossy Magazine available


BlaqCat, JennyFeet, Stephanie Mason, Pearl

Footfetish Magazine #1 from 2020

Here is our footfetish magazine published in december 2020 by Feetrecords. After the great success of our first small magazine, we have now set up another bigger one mag for you. It took a while but it was worth it. Lots of hot pictures and exclusive content just for you packed into it. Close-ups, wonderful pictures of soles and toes, just for you foot-crazy people.

As Bonus, we put a lot pictures of the Condom Feet Challenge inside. This is once again a tasty selection of images for all rubber and latex foot lovers.


  • 40 Pages with more than 80 Pics
  • Digital PDF Version avialable
  • Print high glossy Magazine available


BlaqCat, JennyFeet, Misty, Jewelry by Angel

Are printed magazines out of fashion?

If you use search engines like Google, you will quickly find out that there are mostly only old-fashioned foot fetish #magazines. Some of the material is from the 80s or 90s and is also available as a digital version. #Printed magazines are often offered on resale platforms such as Ebay and are of particular interest to collectors.

We at Feetrecords made a conscious decision to offer our #digital footfetish magazines as a print version as well, because our fans have made clear statements about this. Real lovers of foot eroticism also like something real and physical and also like to buy our magazine in printed form.

So our opinion is clear. Magazines, and especially printed ones, are by no means old-fashioned. They are becoming increasingly popular and are among our most popular items. Owning a printed magazine is the crowning glory of any foot fetishist’s collection

footfetish magazines
Footmodel BlaqCat with our printed footfetish magazine

Get your Printed versions of our magazines

As already mentioned, you can not only receive our #magazines in digital form. We also offer you the opportunity to order these directly as printed versions. For this we have an external service provider who does the printing for us and also arranges the shipping. The magazines are printed in high-quality, glossy paper and are shipped discreetly worldwide.

Here are the direct links to the current issues in printed form. So get your copy now and get the unique and high-quality magazines through our provider.


Our conclusion

Buying a #footfetish magazine is very easy. Feetrecords offers many advantages over the others. We have the latest content and the best footfetish pictures with tons of models. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a digital magazine or printed. All our #magazines are extraordinary and unique. Every foot lover should have them in their collection.

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